Which Charles Sturt communication and creative industries course is for me?

Are you ready to become a frontrunner in the communication and creative industries but aren’t sure which degree is the best choice for the career you want? Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Read on to find out which communication and creative industries course is your best fit.

Charles Sturt University’s range of innovative communication and creative industries degrees open up a wide range of dynamic careers. And here’s the best part – there’s now a course to match your unique career goals and interests.

Find your ideal career with our communication and creative industries degrees

You’ll have more career options than ever before with our brand-new communication, creative industries and theatre media courses. Your career should match your unique talents and passions. So our quality hands-on courses and strong industry connections are ideal to prepare you for the careers of the future.

Want to be an actor, graphic designer, journalist or public relations professional? We have a course to get you there!

Flexible courses

If you want a creative career but you’re not quite sure of the exact role you’d like, our interdisciplinary and double degree course options offer flexible subject choices. You can tailor your study and shape your future career as you go! Our diverse degrees will give you transferable and adaptable skills that help you launch into the industry and make a real impact in your field. Choose from a wide range of elective, minor, and major options to suit you.

Choose from our wide range of specialisations

Want to explore a career where you can dazzle, disrupt and delight? With our wide range of specialisations, you can find the perfect fit to suit your passion, creative talents and career goals.

Our degrees span creative fields such as:

  • design and visual arts
  • screen and media
  • acting and performance
  • visualisation and interactivity
  • sound and radio

What’s more, if you choose to study interdisciplinary innovation, where you can study just about any subject you like!

With so much to choose from, how will you decide on the right course for you? To make things easier, we’ve broken down our courses into some key areas:

  • communication
  • creative industries
  • theatre media
  • visualisation and interactivity
  • interdisciplinary innovation.


Do you have an eye for detail and exceptional graphics skills? Are you a gifted storyteller and epic communicator? Or are you an innovative influencer with big ideas? You could be destined for a career in communication.

Follow the communication career of your dreams with the Bachelor of Communication (with specialisations). Make your mark in print, on-air and online with our new range of communication specialisations:

  • Advertising
  • Digital Media Production
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Radio.

We have extended specialisations in:

  • Journalism and International Studies
  • Advertising and Public Relations.

Plus, you can expand on your skill set by choosing to study a double degree:

  • Advertising / Business Marketing
  • Public Relations / Business Studies.

What’s more, if you’re not quite sure of the direction you’d like to take, consider our communication degree and graduate without specialisation.

Creative industries

Do you want to bring your creative vision to life on the big or small screen? Is your ambition to be in front of the camera in acting or performance? Or can you see yourself working your magic behind the scenes in production or design? Whether you want to work in television, sound design, film or multiplatform production, the Bachelor of Creative Industries (with specialisations) opens a world of opportunity in:

  • Acting and Performance
  • Acting and Performance / Interdisciplinary Innovation
  • Design and Visual Arts
  • Design and Visual Arts / Interdisciplinary Innovation
  • Interdisciplinary Innovation
  • Screen and Media
  • Screen and Media / Interdisciplinary Innovation
  • Visualisation and Interactivity
  • Visualisation and Interactivity / Interdisciplinary Innovation.

Theatre media

Fancy yourself the next Phantom of the Opera or have your eye on a starring role in Wicked? Do you pride yourself on being able to recite a Shakespearean soliloquy off by heart? Perhaps you’re keen to get involved behind the scenes in costume or set design. Our Bachelor of Theatre Media is your best choice if you want to work in theatre media. Our course can lead to careers in theatre, film, circus, cabaret, radio and even education.

Visualisation and interactivity

Do you have an innovative concept for a new game application? Are you’re fascinated by animation and visual effects? If you’re a tech-savvy game changer who wants a versatile creative career, our visualisation and interactivity degrees are for you. Explore our Bachelor of Creative Industries (Visualisation and Interactivity / Interdisciplinary Innovation) and Bachelor of Creative Industries (Visualisation and Interactivity).

Interdisciplinary innovation

Want to experience our most versatile and flexible degree yet? Then look no further than the Bachelor of Creative Industries (Interdisciplinary Innovation). Redefine what it means to have a creative career through complete flexibility of subject choice. You can choose subjects from the entire creative industries subjects range – or anywhere in the university. Furthermore, you can choose to study our Bachelor of Creative Industries (Visualisation and Interactivity / Interdisciplinary Innovation), broadening your career options even further. A career in interdisciplinary innovation can take you just about anywhere – how amazing is that!?

Want an offer to study before you get your exam results?

Because we know an ATAR doesn’t always reflect your potential, our School of Communication and Creative Industries offers Year 12 students the opportunity to be assessed as an individual. As such, we’ll focus on your unique talents and abilities to see if a career in the communication and creative industries is right for you.

Following either an interview or audition with a School of Communication and Creative Industries lecturer, Year 12 students may be eligible to receive a conditional offer. As a result, you won’t have to wait for UAC/VTAC offers.

Booking an interview or audition

A compulsory interview and audition is required for entry to the following courses:

An interview can be an alternate method of entry for the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Creative Industries (all specialisations except acting and performance)
  • Bachelor of Communication (all specialisations).

Ready to create your career with Charles Sturt?

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