Your ultimate New Year’s resolution list

Make you New Years resolution count withCSUHappy New Year! And congrats on smashing 2018. A new year is always the perfect time to take stock and figure out what you want to do next. You’ve got a fresh twelve months just waiting for you to fill it with exciting projects. So what’s on your new year’s resolution list for 2019? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

I’ll upskill to be ready for tomorrow’s workplace

The world is moving fast (after all, we’ve just said goodbye to 2018 – where did that go?). Nowhere is that more true than in the world of work. What industries will look like in just a few years could well be very different from how they are now. Whether it’s the integration of digital media, the need to assess environmental impacts or more emphasis on international collaboration, the skills you need to thrive in the workplace are constantly developing.

So why not study a single subject that gets you up to speed with the latest developments in your industry? Upskilling allows you to add condensed blocks of knowledge to your current skill set – and meet the challenges that the future of work will undoubtedly throw your way.

The good news is that you can upskill at Charles Sturt University without taking time off work. You can study a single subject online when it’s convenient for you. So you can up your skills – without upending your life.

I’ll get a qualification and get that promotion

If you want to move up in your industry a university qualification will definitely help. Whether it’s getting a promotion in your current workplace or going for a more senior position elsewhere.

Whether it is your first degree or you want to add a postgraduate qualification to your CV, studying at university enables you to acquire the latest skills that will allow you to step up.

When you take that next step in your career you want to feel confident that you’re going to succeed. That’s why we give you lots of practical learning and real-world application of knowledge. Our courses give you the skills your industry needs. It’s one of the reasons why more Charles Sturt grads get jobs faster than any other uni in Australia (Graduate Outcomes Survey, 2018).

And even if you’ve never studied at uni before, we have a number of general degrees that can get you up to speed with the basics and then allow you to transition into a specific area relevant to your career.

I’ll take the leap and change careers

A new year can be just the kickstart you need to change careers.

Maybe you want to move into a fast-growing industry with lots of opportunity. Perhaps you’re looking to align your passions with your career. Or maybe you want to find a better work-life balance.

Whatever your reason for changing careers, getting a qualification is one of the best ways to make that step. And when you learn from academics and teachers who have close industry links, you’ll be job-ready and have the contacts to get you to where you want to go.

I’ll follow my heart and explore my passion

Sometimes study isn’t – just – about your career. Sometimes it’s about studying something because you love it, because it stirs something inside you and you crave to know more about the subject. And sometimes it’s because you have a love of learning – a lifelong passion for it – and you want to explore something new.

Even if it’s been a while since you last studied, at Charles Sturt University we have a range of support services that will help you step back into university study with ease.

And who knows, following your passion might just spark off another resolution to make it part of your next career move.

Make your New Year’s resolution – and your next move – count in 2019

With options for online or on-campus study, part-time or full-time courses, at Charles Sturt University you can find the perfect study package to make study work for you – and make your new year’s resolution a reality.

Contact us to explore your next move – and make this a year to remember.