Three friends acting as a support network for each other

10 signs you graduated from university at Charles Sturt

Uni is a whirlwind. You work hard, have lots of fun and learn to navigate life’s ups and downs. And at the end, when you’ve graduated from university, you leave with a complete sense of pride at how much you’ve accomplished in a few short years.

But it’s the little things along the way that make your experience so special. Friendships are born, memories are made and you become weirdly attached to your uni. And if you’re lucky enough to live on campus at Charles Sturt University, there’s a few things that only you will really get.

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with us (or discover what an EPIC time you have to look forward to – or back at once you have graduated from university).

1. You’re on first-name basis with your lecturers

We’re known for our small class sizes and friendly teaching staff. And we love it this way. We know being jam-packed into a stuffy room with 50 other students all vying for the tutor’s attention is no-one’s idea of fun. That’s why the luxury of really getting to know lecturers, tutors and fellow students is something our students cherish.

2. You’ve seen awesome live bands and DJs on campus

Nina Las Vegas. Tkay Maidza. Art vs Science. San Cisco. Birds of Tokyo. Excuse us while we name-drop the A-grade talent that’s performed on campus over the last few years. If you’ve graduated from university at Charles Sturt, you’ll also have fond memories of seeing live music at Rafters Bar or the Crow Bar.

3. You’ve worn your hoodie and uggies to class

The hoodie–uggs combo is the height of fashion at Charles Sturt. We’re all about maximising comfort, while still looking fresh. City unis may say otherwise, but there ain’t no shame in our game.

4. You’ve pulled an all-nighter in the learning commons

Can you really call yourself a Charles Sturt student if you haven’t pulled an all-nighter in the learning commons? It’s a rite of passage. Albeit not a long-term strategy to get you through your degree. One all-nighter is usually enough to improve your time management skills.

5. You’ve donned a toga for Orientation

Step 1. Race down to Spotlight to find the cheapest material you can get your hands on.

Step 2. Wrap yourself in said material and pray it doesn’t fall apart midway through the night.

Step 3. Have fun.

6. You know Student Skills isn’t just something you do on your own

Our Study Skills team has got your back: from help with essays to getting prepped to make your mark in your chosen career. The best bit? It’s absolutely free!

7. You appreciate the serenity on campus

Ahhh the serenity. Studying on campus at Charles Sturt means you’re surrounded by nature – and it’s pretty damn peaceful. There’s no better feeling than to fill your lungs with crisp, clean country air. Added bonus that city folk don’t have: kangaroos on campus.

8. Your best mate is an aggie

Going to uni in the country? There’s a high chance you’re going to end up best buds with an ag student. Whether they’re studying agriculture or from a farming background, you’re going to get a front-row seat to life on the land.

9. You’ve made lifelong friends by living on res

When you first moved on campus you didn’t know a soul. Fast forward a few years and you’re surrounded by family when you graduated from university. Something special happens when you put a group of people together in the same living environment, sharing the same experiences – and you can find it on res.

10. You can pronounce ‘Yindyamarra Winhanganha’ AND the translation without messing it up

‘The wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in.’ When you come to Charles Sturt, this Wiradjuri phrase becomes your mantra. We care about the mark we leave on the world and we’re committed to being the very best we can be. It’s a cool way to live.

Is all this talk about Charles Sturt University getting you excited to join our uni tribe? Reach out to our friendly team, and we’ll help you make the step to becoming a Charles Sturt student!.