Bosses love grads from regional unis (it’s why Charles Sturt grads get jobs)

Why bosses love grads from regional unis

There’s lots of reasons why employers LOVE graduates from regional universities. As one of the largest regional universities in the country, Charles Sturt University has had plenty of feedback over the years from happy employers who can’t get enough of our grads. Which means Charles Sturt grads are getting jobs and thriving in their careers.

And given that we have the highest graduate employment rate in the country, we must be doing something right.

So why are Charles Sturt grads in such demand?

They’ve got the right attitude

When students graduate from Charles Sturt , they make an impression in the workplace. After all, if you combine expert knowledge, a strong work ethic and a can-do attitude, you’re going to get noticed.

Stephanie Holumbiyevska, Production and Operations Manager at HotHouse Theatre, loves employing Charles Sturt grads for just this reason.

“There are two things that I value most about my Charles Sturt graduate and student employees. Firstly, they’re incredibly competent. Even when handling equipment they’re not familiar with, the basic understanding of technical theatre is there, so they’re able to work efficiently and effectively on the task required. And secondly, that they come to work with the right attitude – they’re happy, enthusiastic, polite and always willing to do what’s required to ensure productions are presented in the way they were originally designed.”

Taking the initiative at work with a smile on your face – that’s what happens when you get a degree that prepares you for your dream career.

Hands-on experience is a given

Charles Sturt graduates arrive at their first job perfectly prepared and ready to get down to business. That’s because we make sure that from day one of your course you get to put your learning into action with practical experience.

Kay Nankervis, a lecturer in journalism at Charles Sturt , has certainly found this to be the case when talking to employers in her subject area.

“Employers are hungry for Charles Sturt graduates because Charles Sturt grads can do the job when they come out of uni. They know they’re going to have no problem with a Charles Sturt graduate being able to hit the ground running and start working straight away.”

Martin Berry, Senior Radiographer at Regional Imaging, sees this development of job-ready graduates when Charles Sturt medical radiation science students do practical work experience at his company.

“As an employer, you see these people when they’re 19, you see them when they’re 20, you see them when they’re 21 – and by the time they come back as fourth-year students, they’re exactly what you need and exactly what you want.”

Gaining hands-on experience as part of your course means you’re super prepared for the ‘real world’, so the transition between study and employment is smooth sailing. You’re used to the routines, you’re used to what’s required by employers – and this sets you apart from other potential employees.

This hands-on experience could be part of the reason that Charles Sturt grads have a starting salary $4000 above the national average.

Our grads go the extra mile

Students at Charles Sturt don’t just focus on themselves. They recognise that they are part of a community – at uni and beyond. And employers really appreciate all the extracurricular stuff our students get up to.

To take just one example, the Student Heart Project was established three years ago by Charles Sturt University students and through numerous initiatives has raised funds to help purchase two defibrillators for local communities.

Graduating paramedicine student Brandon Robinson explained how the project works.

“The Student Heart Project raises awareness about the need for publicly accessible defibrillators. Every year we host an event called the Red and Blue Ball where the money raised goes towards helping fund ideas we want to put into action. From the funds raised, we have collected enough to half fund two defibrillators, and working with the local police funding the other half, we have been able to get a device placed at the local area command here in Port Macquarie and one in Kempsey.”

Imagine that: making a difference to people’s lives while you study – and having something very impressive to put on your CV.

Career success starts at Charles Sturt

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