The Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program: the essential guide for parents

Our Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program has helped hundreds of students secure an offer to study with us. Now it’s your child’s turn. Let us give you the run-down on what early offers to university are all about.

What is the Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program?

The Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program can help your child land a place in their uni course – before they’ve even sat their final exams.

How does it work? Well, we’re looking beyond academic skills and searching for people with soft skills. Those personal attributes we value and know you really need to succeed at study – and life. Things like:

  • communication skills
  • resilience
  • empathy
  • motivation to create a world worth living in.

They’re the skills of the future. And the skills that more and more employers are looking for.

Think your child has got what it takes? We definitely do. So keep reading!

What will they get out of it?

If your child is successful in securing a place in the program, they’ll unlock a world of possibilities. Some of the benefits include:

  • a study offer before they sit their exams (which is massive weight off you and them!)
  • an adjustment to the ATAR required for entry to their course
  • an exclusive support program to help them step into life as an official Charles Sturt student full of confidence.

They’ll finish their high school experience on a high (with less stress) and begin their uni journey feeling supported – and ready for the next chapter.

What have previous applicants said about the program?

Grace Madden, a paramedicine student and Charles Sturt Advantage applicant, said that the program had a huge impact on her transition to uni life.

“The program gave me a greater chance of getting into my preferred course. It also relieved me of some of the stress the HSC brings. The various retreats, meetings, open days and information packages you receive when you get accepted into the program are amazing – and really help you to ease your way into university life. I have made loads of friends in the program and I really encourage everyone thinking about applying to submit an application.”

Jimmy Alexander is studying the Bachelor of Sports Media on our Bathurst campus and found that the program helped take the pressure off him during an already-stressful time.

“After becoming a successful applicant in September last year, the program certainly eased the pressure off the HSC, setting an achievable goal and benchmark towards what I would have to accomplish in order to receive an official early study offer. The program definitely made life a lot easier during such a stressful period of time, as entering the program made me feel a lot more secure about my future, and further reinforced what I was trying to achieve at the end of school.”

Jimmy has some words of encouragement for anyone thinking about applying to the program.

“Absolutely go for it! Especially if it’s steering you in the direction of your ideal career. You have nothing to lose in applying; in fact, it was quite the opposite for me. The application process proved to be a valuable experience. I felt that you found out a lot about yourself, including things that you hadn’t necessarily thought about before, that naturally come about in applying for the program.

How does my child apply?

The application process is super simple – and should be a breeze for your child.

  1. Check eligibility.
  2. Decide their top courses and check if they’re available via Charles Sturt Advantage.
  3. Complete the online application and upload their ‘soft skills reflection’.

We’ll send out early offers in late September – before the HSC/VCE kicks off.

This year, applications open on 1 May and close on 31 August.

Want to know more about early offers to university?

You can jump online and explore more about the Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program. Check out the courses on offer, tips for your child’s application and much more.