Get the key skills employers look for

At Charles Sturt University, we’re about so much more than just getting a degree. We want to ensure the skills you gain during your time with us directly translate into the real world. So when you graduate, you’re not only qualified in your area of study, but you’ve developed all the key skills employers look for.

When you study with us, you’ll be offered plenty of opportunities to gain sought-after skills. One particular program we offer is STRIVE. In this program, you’ll learn what it takes to be a great leader. And prepare yourself for leadership roles in the workforce.

What is STRIVE?

STRIVE is an online program that aims to give Charles Sturt students the tools to master leadership. Leading yourself, leading others and leading into the future. When you undertake the program, you’ll participate in 10 modules of varying self-improvement and leadership techniques at a self-guided pace. You’ll have access to resources, concepts and strategies that you can use immediately, through readings, videos, activities and assessment tasks.

Anyone can register for STRIVE. It’s 100 per cent online and takes roughly 30 hours to complete. It runs throughout the entire year, so you can access the program at any time. So, while you’re getting your degree you can also clock up the extra skills employers are looking for. The best part? It looks great on your résumé.

STRIVE will help you ask and answer:

  • How do the experiences and events in life impact my leadership identity?
  • What influences impact the kind of leader I become?
  • How can I develop a foundation of strong leadership capabilities?

We think leadership skills are made up of many qualities – being decisive, thoughtful, supportive, innovative, curious and courageous. By the end of the course, you’ll know your strengths and develop your leadership style based on them.

Gain the soft skills employers are looking for

A big part of STRIVE is learning soft skills. These are skills that are less specialised, less rooted in specific vocations and more aligned with your general disposition and personality.

Unlike hard skills that are learned, soft skills are similar to emotions or insights that allow people to ‘read’ others. These are much harder to learn, at least in a traditional classroom. They are also much harder to measure and evaluate. But they are key skills employers look for.

Soft skills include things like attitude, communication and creative thinking. Work ethic, teamwork and networking, Decision-making, positivity, time management and motivation. Flexibility, problem-solving, critical thinking and conflict resolution.

Hear from STRIVE students

“I had the privilege of being asked to participate in the STRIVE program from its inception as a student representative,” said Lee Shepherd, current MBA student with Charles Sturt.

“I was offered the role while I was the postgraduate student representative on the Academic Senate. My experience was one that I will always remember. I was exposed to exceptional staff who are committed to underpinning the extraordinary efforts demonstrated by students who represent the university. STRIVE is an example that leadership is attainable by everyone – not just those who have volunteered to be student leaders.

“What STRIVE did for me was to reset what I had learnt and had used in my career. It reminded me of what are the essential characteristics of a leader. Things like knowing yourself and your capabilities, being honest and impartial, being ethical in your decision-making, and most of all, being accountable,” he said.

Shannon’s story

Shannon O’Mara from Bathurst had a similar experience with STRIVE.

“I was offered the opportunity to undertake the STRIVE leadership course after holding the position of head resident on the Bathurst campus.

“It was during my training in this position that a Canadian lady by the name of Kerry, who it turns out developed the program, came into a session and started talking about this great new opportunity to participate in a never-before-run program and all the perks that go along with it.

“At first, I signed up because the program is recognised on the participants’ graduation transcript, which I thought would look great as I applied for jobs in my chosen field. As I started completing the modules, I found that not only could I apply the lessons to my job position and the team in which I was working, but also to everyday aspects of my life.

“I learned a lot more about myself both as a person and as a leader. Plus, I found as I moved forward from completing this program that I identified the skills my personality type possessed and learned the best way to utilise these.

“I cannot offer enough praise for the program. I know it sounds super cheesy but it helped me learn more about who I am. Plus, the things I can achieve just by utilising my strengths and identifying what assets I can apply to a variety of situations. If you’re interested in learning not only about leadership but about yourself, you should undertake STRIVE during your time at Charles Sturt University!”

Ready to brush up your leadership skills with STRIVE?

You can contact our friendly team to find out more about how you can get the key skills employers look for with our STRIVE program. You can also read up about other leadership opportunities with our Emerging Leaders series on Insight.