Ever wondered how to go viral online? Here’s how!

Have you ever lost hours scrolling the depths of TikTok, Facebook or Instagram, hypnotised by one viral video after another? Or watched the successful videos of famous creators and wondered how to go viral online?

Some of those creators make it look easy – like Bryle Molina and Gabbi Bolt. They’re Charles Sturt alumni who went viral. Let’s find out how they did it.

Be patient and find your niche

Charles Sturt Alumni Bryle Molina

Our very own Bryle Molina has amassed close to 500,000 likes on TikTok, with his unique brand of videos.

“Consistency is key. Not every video you post will go viral, but from a marketing perspective, you want to slowly develop a portfolio that your followers will know you for.

“So, leverage that!

“Stick to your niche. The followers you gain shortly after a video goes viral will follow you because of whatever that content is. So it’s important to keep providing them with similar stuff.

Bryle’s specialty? Creating iconic price tickets for Bunnings Warehouse – with a musical ensemble in the background.


enjoy x

♬ Bang Bang Bunnings remix – Valence

Since posting the above video, almost 1.5 million people have seen it!  

“It was exciting watching notifications come up on my phone every minute, with a new like, comment or follower. It was a bit worrying every now and then – any ‘viral’ video is bound to receive some negative comments. So, it was important to monitor the post and delete anything bad. Especially since my viral videos were associated with an organisation that I worked for at the time.”

Follow your passion

Charles Sturt Alumni Gabbi Bolt,

Another Charles Sturt graduate killing it online is Fettuccinefettuqueen, otherwise known as the talented Gabbi Bolt. With 5.2 million likes and more than 215 thousand followers on TikTok alone, Gabbi has moved from going viral online for her comedy songs and compositions, to making TV appearances. And even performing live comedy shows across Australia!

Gabbi was already popular online when she jumped on a trend circulating TikTok at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Ever heard of Ratatouille the TikTok Musical? This internet meme, which involved online creators making their own musical numbers for the animated cast of Disney’s Ratatouille, quickly spiralled into something huge. With crowdsourcing, one video called ‘Ode to Remy‘ led to a full-blown musical, with talent like Adam Lambert and Titus Burgess getting on board to take part, and raise money for The Actors Fund.

Where does Gabbi come in? Well, she wrote Trash is our Treasure (today, it’s been watched more than 1.4 million times). The song went on to be performed by Wayne Brady – in the role of Django, Remy’s dad, in the musical (watch the whole thing here).

@fettuccinefettuqueen My official entry to the #ratatouille musical. (Idea credit: @danieljmertzlufft ) #ratatouillemusical #theatrekid #foryou #Animation #austok #FYP ♬ Trash is Our Treasure – Gabbi Bolt

When it comes to going viral online, it really comes down to find something you’re passionate about – and sharing it with the world. For Bryle, that’s writing mesmerising ticket prices for Bunnings. And for Gabbi, it’s creating musical comedy.

“As much as they say that the algorithm controls it, a lot of time it’s up to luck. I’ve posted similar TikToks like the others that went viral but it only happens 20 per cent of the time.” Says Bryle.

So, give it a go. Put yourself out there and post your first video (we can’t wait to watch it!).

Can study help you go viral?

We offer plenty of degrees to help you on your journey to stardom.

After all, Gabbi studied a Bachelor of Theatre Media (now called the Bachelor of Communications)1 with Charles Sturt, while Bryle completed his Bachelor of Business2 with us too!

“I had an interest in all things social media and content development before starting my degree, but studying marketing definitely helped me understand the intentions that organisations have when developing campaigns. Like why this design element was chosen, or understanding why something went live at a certain time,” says Bryle.

Learn more about what study can do for your social media career. Or get in touch!

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