Regional study points: how they can help you get into uni

How would you feel about getting an extra boost to your uni application, simply because of where you went to school? Pretty sweet, huh? Well, that’s exactly what can happen with regional study points.

Here’s what you need to know.

What are regional study points?

Basically, regional study points are extra points you get added to your selection rank if you went to high school in a regional area of Australia.

You probably know that when you apply to uni, you get offers based on a selection rank (that’s your ATAR plus any adjustment factors, like regional study points).

It actually makes more sense to call it a regional location adjustment – and that’s what we refer to it as here at Charles Sturt.

Other adjustment factors include:

  • subject performance
  • how you did in subjects relevant to the courses you’re applying for
  • educational disadvantage (if you’ve had setbacks while studying at high school).

The regional location adjustment is all about where you completed your high school studies. So really, if you went anywhere outside the main metropolitan cities, you should be considered for an adjustment.

And how many regional study points do you get?

A fistful. By which we mean five. Yes, five whole points!

So, picture this: you want to apply for a course and the required selection rank is 90. Now, you might get that score straight out. But if you only, say, hit 86 BUT you are doing your exams at a school in a regional area, you’ll have a selection rank of 91. And will probably get an offer to that course.

How to claim regional study points

So what do you need to do to get these extra points towards your selection rank?




That’s right. You don’t need to do a thing.

When you apply to Charles Sturt, we check the address of your school and if it’s in one of the regional catchment areas, we’ll automatically add the five points to your selection rank.

Remember that the regional location adjustment is based on where you go to school, not your home address.

Are there any restrictions for getting the regional adjustment?

Very few.

There are a couple of courses where the regional location adjustment doesn’t apply. For example, the Doctor of Medicine has its own entry scheme for rural applicants.

But generally, it doesn’t matter:

  • which course you apply for
  • which campus you want to study at
  • or if you want to study online.

If you went to school in a regional area and then apply to Charles Sturt University, you get the regional location adjustment.

Are there any other benefits of studying in regional Australia?

There sure are.

How about scholarships? For example, we have specific scholarships if you are coming to us from a rural or remote areas. Scholarships for students studying at a specific Charles Sturt regional campus. And scholarships if you live in particular local government areas.

Plus, you get to study in some of Australia’s very best locations – combining all the benefits of city living with the charm and warm welcome of the regions.

An entry to Charles Sturt University

Anything else I need to know?

Well, you might be eligible for other adjustments, meaning your goal of coming to study with us is that bit closer.

Get in touch to find out more.