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Your IT career: The top 8 emerging IT jobs

The rate at which the modern workplace is changing is rapid. More and more industries will integrate new technology and that will present new and interesting job opportunities. Which is good news for your IT career.

So, let’s take a look at where job growth in the future of IT is going to happen – and get the inside track from a Charles Sturt academic.

Artificial Intelligence specialist

If machines are going to learn, they need someone to teach them. Enter the AI specialist. You’ll research machine-learning capabilities and opportunities, and devise programming solutions to meet them. Take the Internet of Things to the next level. Problem-solve to help machines problem-solve. You’ve got a key feature of the future of global IT jobs right there. Maumita Bhattacharya, Senior Lecturer in Information Technology at Charles Sturt University, sees AI transforming so many industries.

Maumita Bhattacharya

“Whether it is about enhancing the everyday life of people or improving how companies do business, AI can offer a solution. Which means the applications of AI are continuously growing.

“Whether it is about enhancing the everyday life of people or improving how companies do business, AI can offer a solution. Which means the applications of AI are continuously growing. Navigation apps, smart home devices and digital personal assistants are already part of our daily life. Smart homes can significantly improve the quality of life for the elderly and infirm. Smart cities can give us safer, well-managed and energy efficient urban environments. Any industry, be it the manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, finance or the energy sector, can use AI to cost-effectively assess and mitigate risk, identify opportunities and thrive through innovation. All these industries, and more, are driving tremendous growth in the job market for AI specialists.”

Automation consultant

At the heart of this role is the development, implementation and management of software that makes business processes more efficient. In this role, you’ll work with others to identify where functions can be improved and find relevant solutions. Think things like bots for dealing with simple customer queries or software to write simple code.

Cybersecurity specialist

With digital technology embedded into our daily lives comes (unfortunately) the risk of digital security being compromised. That’s where a cybersecurity specialist comes in. Help protect technological systems from cyber-attacks, viruses and malware. And any business that uses digital technology needs security experts – so your career opportunities will be very broad, as Maumita explains.

“Cybersecurity professional is among the fastest-growing IT jobs – and companies are ready to pay high salaries to the right candidates.  The fast-changing business landscape is driving this growth. Information technology no longer plays just a supporting role for business operations. In an increasingly connected world, success of any business relies on the capability, robustness and perhaps most importantly, the security of its network. Thus, investing in IT security is not an option – it’s an absolute necessity for any businesses.”

Data engineer

When you work as a data engineer, you are responsible for devising data collection, processing and management systems. And with data collection, there is always scope for improvement, so constant testing and development is also part of the role. You’ll keep learning on the job. Your results will then help other IT pros determine the next best steps to grow or improve a business, so you’re pretty indispensable.

Data scientist

Get a grip on big data – and then use your findings to change your organisation to meet future challenges. So, what does a data scientist do? Data scientists deal with a huge amount of raw and processed data, generated through interaction with technology. They find, clean, organise and analyse data in order to identify patterns, which businesses can then use to inform the strategic decision-making process. You could work for a retailer, analysing customer behaviour. Or perhaps you fancy working in finance to look at investment trends. Wherever you want to take your career, you can be pretty sure there will be a call for people who understand data. Maumita Bhattacharya sees endless opportunities in this field.

“Virtually all industries need data scientists. For example, you could help farmers make efficient cropping and livestock decisions, town planners to choose the right garbage disposal site, retailers to decide which products to stock or financial organisations to create appropriate savings and lending products. While the tech giants have led the way in this field, increasingly you don’t have to join only the big companies; data scientists can find IT jobs in this area with smaller companies, including regional organisations.”

Full stack engineer

This is a role that is all about versatility. You’ll be running projects from start to finish, taking in anything from web development to software design. And what does having such a wide range of skills mean? You’ll be in demand – across so many different industries.

Marketing automation specialist

Businesses can now communicate with their customers across many different channels. Websites, social media, TV… the digital marketing opportunities are endless. So industry is looking for individuals who can manage communication across these channels. Ensure messages are consistent and delivered in the best way for their audience. Use tech to find and nurture customers across the consumer journey. Attract and retain customers to your brand.

Robotics engineer (software)

No, not designing robots per se (although you could also explore a career in that). Rather, this role involves software development and implementation to automate certain tasks. As an example, expense reporting; a robotics engineer would look at digital ways to perform this function, resulting in more effective processes and cost reductions – which every business is more than happy to have.

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