Chloe Sheridan

Turn your passion into a career

Have you ever daydreamed about turning your hobby into a fully fledged career? It’s everyone’s dream, right? Choosing an occupation you love and never ‘working’ a day in your life. To turn your passion into a career. Getting paid to do something you truly love.

Turns out it’s possible.

After a stellar performance in her HSC dance exam, Chloe Sheridan has commenced a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy1 at Charles Sturt University’s Albury-Wodonga campus. Chloe’s story is a perfect example of finding your passion, cherry-picking elements you’re good at and fashioning yourself a career path.

Although the connection between dance and occupational therapy (OT) may not seem clear at first, if you dig a little deeper you’ll find some interesting links between the two disciplines. Add some determination and organisation to the mix and Chloe’s found a way to use her passion to fuel her dream career.

Take five with Insight and learn about Chloe’s journey to Charles Sturt University.

Dancing her way to HSC success

Chloe’s passion for dance began when she was seven years old.

“Over the years, I have competed in a range of dance competitions and been involved in various dance groups, like the Riverina Albury Dance Ensemble and the New South Wales Dance Ensemble. Currently, I’m teaching the junior and intermediate Riverina Albury Dance Ensemble, which is really enjoyable,” she said.

Chloe graduated from Albury High School with her HSC in 2017, and was accepted into the OT course.

Chloe’s incorporated her love for dance into her HSC subjects, and her core performance assessment was judged among the best in the state from the 2017 HSC.

Chloe performed ‘Teen Spirit’, a contemporary dance piece, and was selected as one of 28 students out of 800 to showcase their talents to the incoming 2018 HSC dance students as part of ‘Callback 2017’.

The showcase demonstrated to 2018 students what is marked highly in exams and the standard they should be aiming for.

Chloe was excited to share her work with the class of 2018.

“It’s really exciting, it’s a very good opportunity,” she said. “I feel very lucky to be chosen. And it’s cool that people will be looking at my work in that way.”

Planning your time effectively

Chloe managed to strike a balance between the demands of HSC study and still keeping up with her dance commitments.

“Managing HSC study and dance was quite difficult at times, but I am glad that I stuck with it. Dance gave me a break from studying for a few hours a week, and enabled me to clear my mind. It also allowed me to keep active and healthy during my HSC, which was an added benefit!” she said.

“During that time, I was able to build really solid time management skills, which will definitely help me as I take on my degree. I learned how to prioritise my workload and commitments, and I definitely learned that procrastination is the enemy! It’s important to set goals and use different tools to stay on track. During my HSC, I had an ongoing to-do list and used a planner to keep on top of assessments, exams and dance commitments.”

Turn your passion into a career

Chloe plans to use her dance background and success to assist her with her OT coursework.

“I think my dance background will definitely help with my course. I understand how the body moves in different forms and what is required for various movements and activities.”

“Plus, I think the connections between OT and dance will keep me inspired and stimulated. Moreover, I think I’ve got a long and fruitful career ahead of me.”

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