Want to really spread your wings at university? Study in regional Australia.

Want to spread your wings at uni? Study in regional Australia

Do you want to enjoy the perks of city life for a fraction of the cost? Are you looking for an enriching university experience with access to some of the best learning facilities in the country? If you’re weighing up your options and not quite sure if you should choose to study in regional Australia over a metropolitan one, there are some factors to consider that could save you time, money and your sanity (particularly when it comes to peak-hour traffic!).

If you’re after a more personalised, relaxed and affordable university experience, look no further than these regional study locations. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the wide range of resources and facilities on offer.

There are some real benefits to choosing a regional university.

Strong sense of community spirit

In an increasingly digital landscape, there’s great value to be found in having real-world connections. These connections are the glue that binds our societies. They help us develop the interpersonal skills to cross international borders and achieve great things. Regional unis offer fantastic opportunities to be part of communities that include sporting, interest and social clubs and societies. At Charles Sturt University, you’ll have opportunities to meet students from diverse backgrounds and can connect with staff and students on campus and online. One of the comments we hear most about our uni is that it’s like a family who stands by you through thick and thin. We know that working together and having each other’s back is crucial to individual and collective success.

Lower cost of living

When you’re studying, you don’t want to be stressed out all the time about finances. Bills, rent, transport, you name it – you’re likely to find a cheaper cost of living in regional Australia. If you choose to live on campus you’ll benefit from affordable accommodation options that include all your utilities. You can even take the guesswork out of grocery prices (and the hard work out of meal prep) with affordable meal plans.

Personalised support

When you study in regional Australia you’re much more than a number. You’re someone your lecturers and support staff know by name. We offer personalised support to help you work through any challenges that may spring up along the way, wherever you’re studying. Whether online, over Skype, via phone or in person, we have experts who are available to answer any questions and offer guidance.

Hands-on learning

Why settle for binge watching tutorials or lectures when you could take part in hands-on practical learning? Charles Sturt University offers experiences in authentic learning environments, such as animal and veterinary sciences and agriculture, that you’d be hard pressed to find in the city. We know the value of getting in there and having a go. That’s why we offer practical learning experience throughout your course and opportunities for workplace learning or internships.

Vibrant lifestyle minus the hustle and bustle

In regional Australia, you’ll have the best of both worlds with plenty to see and do on and off campus. See a play. Attend an outdoor concert. Visit the markets. Have a picnic with friends and family on the banks of the river. Leave long commutes behind and spend more time doing the activities you enjoy most.

Relaxed pace of life

Living and learning in the country will give you time to stop and smell the roses. You may even find the time to plant some yourself. Plus, you’ll have more room to spread your wings and set those big ideas in motion. Whether you’re strolling around the grounds on campus or making your way through the centre of our campus cities, expect to be greeted with a noticeably toned-down version of city life. One of the best things about regional centres is that they now have all the things you want from a city minus the things you don’t want – like chaos, long queues and traffic jams.

Explore natural wonders

Imagine a uni experience where you could study on campus through the week and go on weekend micro-adventures to snowfields, mountains or the beach. Our regional campuses are located within short distance to some of Australia’s most impressive attractions. These include the Snowy Mountains, Kanangra-Boyd National Park, the Murrumbidgee and Murray rivers, Port Macquarie surf beaches and more. You’ll own the no-filter hashtag in no time with all this natural beauty in your backyard.

More clean country air, less pollution

There’s no better way to start the day than filling your lungs with crisp, clean country air. Surrounded by hectares of wide open spaces, native plants and wildlife, our campuses are located in some of the most progressive yet naturally sustainable communities in regional New South Wales. It’s not unusual to pass a kangaroo family on your way to class at a Charles Sturt campus. Life in the country presents a whole new world of possibility.

Get in touch with us today and find out how you can experience the true wonders of living and learning in regional Australia.