3 myths about studying to be a police officer – debunked!

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be a police officer? Do you want to serve your community, protect people and reduce crime on our streets? Why don’t we give you some info about this awesome future career option and bust some myths while we’re at it?

Myth 1: Studying to be a police officer is all work and no pay

We don’t think so! Allow us to explain. When you study to become NSW Police Probationary Constable with Charles Sturt University, you’ll do it in three main parts.

Firstly, you’ll apply and ensure you meet all the necessary requirements, before starting the University Certificate in Workforce Essentials (UCWE).

Secondly, after you pass the UCWE and meet further requirements, you’ll commence studying Session one of the Associate Degree in Policing Practice (ADPP). This takes 16 weeks and is done online.

Thirdly (and most excitingly), you’ll enter the big and beautiful world of policing for real – cue day one of study at the NSW Police Force Academy in Goulburn. This is the second Session of the ADPP.

Plus, you’ll get paid while you study! During Session two you’ll earn $1,360 per week, plus superannuation and allowances – that’s approximately $30,894!

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Then, after another 16 weeks of getting paid to work and study at the NSW Police Force Academy, it’ll be time for Attestation, where you’ll be sworn in as a Probationary Constable before you start working in the field for the next 12 months.

Myth 2: It’s all desk duty when you’re fresh on the beat

No way! Get ready to hit the streets as a probationary constable across police districts in New South Wales. You’ll have the opportunity to work in our cities or regional areas. And every day will be different. For your first year, you’ll continue studying to be a police officer, with the added benefit of hands-on training.

Help, support and protect your community. Investigate crimes. Keep our roads safe. And learn about the ins-and-outs of everyday police work.

Myth 3: Your life will be like a TV show

Nah! This isn’t The Wire or Brooklyn 99. When you work with NSW Police, you’ll find your everyday reality is way more diverse.

You’ll do different a whole range of different tasks. Meet people in your community. And make a difference – in the real world. It’s not high-speed chases and parades. As a police officer, you’ll engage in activities that benefit people in our country towns and cities. Like Coffee with a Cop, the Bleed for Blue initiative, Walk Safely to School Day or PCYC Rise Up programs. You could also join the NSW Police Basketball Club, where you can support your fellow officers.

So, ready to be a police officer?

Why not start now? Charles Sturt University’s School of Policing are experts at what they do – so you know we’ll support you every step of the way!

We also offer a suite of micro-credentials that can help further your career, if you’re already a police officer. These bite-sized pieces of education give you industry-relevant skills and the latest knowledge. All in a short amount of time, so you can excel in the workplace.

Moreover, we’re Australia’s most experienced online university*, meaning we’re the perfect choice for those who are looking to start their study, or upskill.

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*Department of Education, Skills and Employment Higher Education Statistics