How to get organised for university: 50 top tips

Starting uni can be a pretty hectic time. With so many things to arrange, it’s easy to get caught up in the craziness and end up stressed out. To help you avoid stress city, we’ve put together a list of tips, tricks and hacks on how to get organised for university. You’re welcome.

Get organised with these 50 tips

The top 10

  1. Accept your offer to Charles Sturt University now!
  2. Book a campus tour and get familiar with your new surroundings before the session starts.
  3. Connect with us on social media and keep up with everything that’s happening.
  4. Touch base with accommodation services to confirm where you’ll be living.
  5. Buy a planner, diary or calendar (paper or electronic – whatever works for you). It’s the best way to keep track of upcoming assessments, exams, work placements or other commitments.
  6. Learn how to cook a few basic recipes. Sorry, two-minute noodles don’t qualify, guys. But boiling an egg does!
  7. If you’re relocating to study, get among your new town. Make a point of checking out local attractions, cool hangouts and community events.
  8. Spend quality time doing some fun things with your family and friends before you head off on your uni journey.
  9. Put together a list of everything you need to pack. Try not to go overboard though – you’ll only need half as much as you think you do!
  10. Start saving now! Get your finances sorted and avoid the dreaded phone call to the rents promising to come home and do all the housework for free next break for emergency cash.

Ten more

  1. While you’re at it, approach your bank and set up a student account with no fees.
  2. Register for clubs, societies and sporting teams that interest you. It’s a great way to meet people.
  3. Fun fact: it sometimes snows in Albury and Orange, and occasionally in Bathurst and Wagga Wagga too. Check the weather of your new home and come prepared.
  4. Take full advantage of your remaining guilt-free leisure time before uni starts.
  5. Be conscious of important dates. Things like Orientation, mid-session breaks and census dates will creep up on you.
  6. Save your pennies for student gadgets and keep an eye on the sales. Laptops, tablets, printers – they’re not the cheapest of items.
  7. Immerse yourself in Orientation. It’s the perfect opportunity to set yourself up with lifetime friendships and find your feet in your new life.
  8. Set yourself goals at the start of each session (and track them) – study, social, sporting or community related.
  9. An open door is much friendlier than a closed door. Let people know you’re keen to hang out during Orientation.
  10. Treat yo’ self. You’ll need new stationery supplies, as well as textbooks. Oooh, moustache-shaped sticky notes!

Let’s get you to thirty

  1. Fancy spending a session studying overseas? Check out our Partner Universities and start reviewing your options.
  2. Get the jump on your classmates and start your course readings over the summer.
  3. We have loads of scholarships up for grabs. Find out if you’re eligible and apply for as many as you can!
  4. Jump on your favourite music streaming service and create themed playlists for different occasions. Study session. Orientation. De-stress. Gym.
  5. Don’t forget to enrol in your subjects! You’d be surprised at how many students forget to check this part.
  6. ‘Ps get degrees’ – do yourself a favour and delete this saying out of your memory. Aim high – you’re worth it.
  7. Your space is your sanctuary. Bring along things that make you feel at home like photos, posters or a rug.
  8. Set a budget – and stick to it! Easier said than done, right? If you’re worried about finances
  9. Get out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve never done before.
  10. Register with a GP (if you’re relocating) and have an overall health check-up. This will nip any health niggles in the bud and you’ll be all set if you get sick.

The countdown continues

  1. Remember the big picture and try not to get overwhelmed. You chose to study for a reason. Don’t give up.
  2. Think what your ‘party piece’ might be – something that can break the ice and kickstart conversations at social events.
  3. Research contents insurance if you’re not living on campus, because you can never be too prepared for what’s around the corner.
  4. Set up your student card. This will act as your ID on campus and you’ll need it to access dining hall meals, your room, computer labs, the library and your internet quota.
  5. Always ask if there’s a student discount – it’s surprising how many places offer it!
  6. Use social media and messaging services to stay in touch with family and friends back home.
  7. Hit up Centrelink and see if you’re eligible for any government benefits while studying.
  8. Get familiar with the Graduation Planning System. Map out your course and make sure you graduate on time.
  9. It’s okay to ask for help. Get familiar with our range of support services.
  10. Take time out to focus on your wellbeing. There’s loads of awesome podcasts for meditation and mindfulness to test out.

The final flourish

  1. It’s never too early to put out feelers for internships and placement opportunities.
  2. Download study apps. Todait, Forest and Quizlet are great options.
  3. Prioritise making friends. Studying is one part of the Charles Sturt experience, having study buds to help you through it is important.
  4. Get yourself a and save yourself some cash.
  5. Sign up for a streaming account and load up on books and podcasts for your study breaks.
  6. Make your health a priority. Check out local gyms (some of our campuses have a free gym), research hiking trails and also look up free work-out videos on YouTube.
  7. Worried about money? Look into casual work around town. If you’re in Bathurst you can sign up to Earn as You Learn.
  8. Reach out to the Contact Centre for any last-minute questions you might have. Seriously, there’s nothing these guys don’t know about uni.
  9. Get in the zone – be ready for the commitment you’re about to take on.
  10. Finally – enjoy every second of your Charles Sturt journey. You’ve got this!

Preparing for study

If you’ve been left wanting more after reading our awesome 50 tips, you can find out other ways you can get organised and prepare for study at Charles Sturt University.