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6 booming career fields

Do you have your sights set on an executive career that will take you to the top of the corporate ladder? Are you daring and disruptive and have extraordinary leadership qualities that will see you make a remarkable difference in your field? A postgraduate degree will help you qualify those talents and take advantage of Australia’s booming career fields.

According to this survey it could be your time to shine as Australia enjoys a period of economic stability with some very pleasing remuneration being offered for the right candidates.

The jobs market is predicted to be steady with pockets of high demand in emerging areas of business, information technology and communication.

If you’re technologically savvy, an exceptional communicator and ready to advance your skills, your future is looking bright. Technology is reshaping organisations across every industry as businesses seek to become more customer-focused. The technology and infrastructure sectors are among the big drivers in most major cities. Employers will be looking to retain IT professionals in specialist areas including cyber security, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and analytics, user experience and user interface.

Banking and financial services are also expected to experience high demand in compliance areas. Salary growth is expected across most of the country for project coordinators, commercial claims specialists and project finance experts. Government ramping up of regulatory scrutiny of financial services has resulted in increased demand for risk management and compliance professions in New South Wales and Victoria.

And the good news is that if you’re ready for a challenge the benefits are going to be on offer. Many employers will seek to retain qualified professionals by offering job flexibility, learning opportunities and other health and wellbeing benefits.

Drivers of job growth:

  • Emerging technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Risk and compliance

88 per cent of professionals are open to new job opportunities when not actively looking.

The top six sectors in New South Wales that really pay

Accounting and finance

Did you know 50 per cent of Australia’s current ASX 200 CEOs started out in finance, financial services or accounting? An accounting and finance career will let you take the lead in making business better and you can work in almost any industry, anywhere in the world. You’ll have career options in multinational organisations across the globe and can even climb the corporate ladder to reach your dream CEO career.

Pay packet for accounting and finance careers

  • Chief Financial Officer – 240K+
  • Financial Controller – 150-180k
  • Commercial/FP&A Manager – 150-180k
  • Finance Manager – 120-140k
  • Tax Manager – 135k
  • Financial Accountant – 75-110k
  • Management Accountant – 75-110k
  • Treasury Accountant – 75-110k
  • Business/Financial/Commercial Analyst – 90-120k
  • Tax Accountant – 80-115k

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Banking and financial services

Are you a whiz when it comes to understanding financial markets and predicting the rise and fall of the stock exchange? From banking, insurance and financial planning to real estate development, financial modelling and estate planning, a career in the finance sector can take you in all kinds of directions locally, nationally and internationally. If you’re ready to advance your career in the banking or finance industries, you’ll gain valuable and transferable skills that will set you up for success and longevity in one of the most important industries in business.

Pay packet for banking and financial services careers

  • Chief Financial Officer – 240-300k
  • Financial Controller – 170-220k
  • Product Control Manager – 140-170k
  • Finance Manager – 140-170k
  • Tax Manager – 130-200k
  • Fund Accounting Manager – 110-150k
  • Financial Accountant – 90-120k
  • Senior Fund Accountant – 80-100k
  • Fund Accountant – 65-80k
  • Tax Accountant – 90-120k

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Human resources

Are you a problem-solver with strong communication skills and the drive to achieve the best outcomes for people and the organisations they work for? A career in human resource management is diverse and challenging and can cover areas like career counselling, learning and development, job redesign and remuneration. At Charles Sturt you’ll gain global insight and understanding of human resource management, preparing you for career opportunities in Australia and internationally. Advance your career in areas such as workforce planning and recruitment, risk management, international human resources management and occupational health and safety.

Pay packet for human resources careers

  • HR Director – 240-350k
  • Workforce Planning Manager – 150-200k
  • HR Change Manager – 150-220k
  • HR Manager – 150-210k
  • Recruitment Manager – 130-165k
  • HR Business Partner – 120-170k
  • Recruitment Advisor – 95-130k
  • HR Advisor – 85-110k
  • HR Officer – 70-85k
  • HR Administrator – 60-70k

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Information technology

The rapidly growing technology sector needs inquisitive, skilled professionals with the aptitude, passion and drive to solve complex problems and develop new technologies to keep up with customer demand. Diverse career opportunities could lead you to a career advancement in development, networking, and systems and information technology (IT) support.

If you want to develop specialised skills and knowledge that will allow you to tackle contemporary cyber security issues, we offer degrees designed for information technology and law enforcement professionals that will open up career opportunities in this evolving sector. You could advance your career in law enforcement or corporate protection, and make a global impact as a pivotal member in countering cyber warfare and terrorism.

Pay packet for information technology careers

  • Head of IT – 180-210k
  • Cyber Security Architect – 160-120k
  • Data Architect – 150-220k
  • Software Development Manager – 150-180k
  • Data Engineer – 130-180k
  • Lead UX Designer – 130-200k
  • UX Designer – 100-130k
  • Cyber Security Analyst – 95-130k
  • Data Analyst – 85-130k
  • CMS Developer – 75-135k

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Challenge yourself with a career in civil engineering where every day will present new opportunities for you to make a difference and work across a range of tasks including designing, building, operating and constructing systems and structures. Put your expertise into practice as you explore a wide range of opportunities in civil, geotechnical, structural and water resource engineering.

Pay packet for engineering careers

  • Technical Director – 230-280k
  • Engineering Manager – 180-230k
  • Design Engineer (3 – 8 yrs’ exp) – 80-100k
  • Senior Designer – 100-120k
  • Project Director – 220-260k
  • Project Manager – 190-220k
  • Construction Manager – 150-190k
  • Project Engineer – 120-140k
  • Estimator (5 yrs’ exp) – 110-150k
  • Project Controls/Planning Engineer – 90-120k

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Sales, marketing and communication

Are you an innovative, forward-thinking influencer who is passionate about communicating messages to connect the right people with the right products and services? If you have a way with words, images, people and strategy, a career in marketing could be perfect for you. You’ll learn how to understand markets, businesses and consumer behaviours. There are fantastic opportunities for career progression in an industry that is at a dynamic crossroads, with digital marketing constantly evolving.

Pay packet for sales, marketing and communication careers

  • Head of Sales – 190-300k
  • Business Development Manager – 120-200k
  • Relationship Manager – 100-150k
  • Head of Marketing – 180-300k
  • Senior Marketing Manager – 140-180k
  • Digital Marketing Manager – 100-140k
  • Marketing Executive – 75-95k
  • Marketing Coordinator – 65-85k
  • Communications Manager – 100-140k
  • Campaign Manager – 90-120k

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Ready to take your career to the next level?

Charles Sturt University has a range of postgraduate degrees to get you there. Whether you’re ready to take the next natural progression in your career, change professions or you have your eyes on the top prize – that CEO position – we offer courses to suit your needs and career goals. Through supported online learning you can balance work, study and life. Our flexible learning options allow you to focus on your career – while furthering it.

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