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Study IT with a leader in IT education

At Charles Sturt University, we’re proud to be a future-focused university. All of our degrees are developed with the future in mind – so if you’re looking to study IT with the leader in cutting-edge IT education, you’re in the right place.

When you graduate from Charles Sturt University, you’ll enter the workforce with confidence. Not just confident in your expert knowledge and practical skills, but confident that those skills will translate to the professional landscape of the future.

There’s been a surge in demand for information technology professionals over the last decade. So, we make sure that our IT degrees are optimised for tomorrow’s workforce.

Thousands of students currently study IT at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels with Charles Sturt.

Pretty impressive, right? But do you know why we have one of the biggest student cohorts of all Australian unis?

Because we cover every aspect of the industry.

When you study IT with us, you’re getting a hands-on education taught by industry experts. From systems admin, software design and computer science to cybersecurity, cloud computing and management – an IT degree from Charles Sturt places you in the driver’s seat of your future… and the future of work.

Kickstart your career when you study IT with Charles Sturt

We’re leading the charge for undergraduate IT education.

Maumita Bhattacharya, senior lecturer in information technology at Charles Sturt University, explained how our range of disciples and study flexibility are helping educate the next generation of IT professionals.

“The wide range of courses and specialisations – covering key growth areas of the IT discipline – we offer at Charles Sturt, allows students to pick just the right course or specialisation that meets their career goals. In some cases, students can even customise their course, choosing from a range of interesting and attractive subject choices.

Study IT to gain your bachelor’s

With the Bachelor of Information Technology1, you’ll build the knowledge and skills needed to join one of the world’s fastest growing and in-demand industries – and futureproof your career at the same time.

With this degree, you’re in control. You’ll cover core foundation topics, such as databases, digital communications, programming, information security and project management, but you’ll also go on to specialise in a particular area. Choose from:

  • business analysis
  • network engineering
  • software development
  • systems administration.

Your other option is to look at the Bachelor of Computer Science. Studied online or on our Bathurst campus, you can choose to study the generic degree – or specialise in games programming.

If you choose to specialise, your subjects will focus on the latest in games design, programming apps for Android, programming games engines (such as Unity) and computer graphics.

On the other hand, if you follow the generic computer science stream, you’ll have the chance to pick subjects that will teach you all about the latest developments in cloud computing or mobile application development. Or you can study information security, databases and more.

With either degree, you’re in good hands.

Our IT teaching staff are experts – they know their stuff. They have strong connections to industry, so you can be confident that the topics you’re learning are relevant to the real-world. These close ties with industry will also give you the edge when it comes to applying for jobs after graduation, because you know what employees are looking for.

Take your career further: study IT at postgraduate level

If you’ve already developed your foundational IT skills, you can take your career even further with our range of postgraduate courses. Ms Bhattacharya sees flexibility as a key part of postgraduate IT study at Charles Study.

“In the Master of Information Technology course, students can choose from as many as ten different specialisations to suit their needs. These specialisations range from conventional IT areas such as software design and development or networking, to the relatively recent data science or cyber security fields. These courses are designed with the employability of graduates in mind.

“In some cases, students can even design or customise their own IT course by choosing from a broad range of subjects that suit their interests and career requirements. For example, our Graduate Certificate in Industry Computing allows students to design their own short postgraduate IT course by choosing from a broad range of industry-oriented subjects.”

Our goal? To help you make your next career move count. There’s plenty of postgrad specialisations for you to explore – and they all ensure that your career is futureproofed.

Study IT with the #3 uni in Australia for computing grads who get jobs

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has caused a big shift from the traditional way businesses think about IT resources. Your specialist knowledge will help organisations deliver computing services – servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence and more – over the cloud.

Study our Master of Cloud Computing and Virtualisation and be at the forefront of technology advancement.

Cyber Security

Cyber security skills are in high demand, but people with these skills are in short supply. A recent government report notes that the demand is expected to rise by almost 39 per cent a year to 2026.

So if you’re thinking about taking your career to the next level, now’s the time to study information security. Our Master of Cyber Security has a strong technical focus. You’ll cover cutting-edge topics like digital forensics, the dark web, cyberwarfare and terrorism. And you’ll learn from leading industry experts. They will equip you with the skills to make a difference in the online world.

IT Management

Ready to push for a management position? Explore our Master of Business Administration (Computing) and take your technology career to new heights.

Studied online, this degree will allow you to develop expert knowledge in regard to IT governance, IT service management, IT quality management and project management. You’ll also enhance your leadership skills. This will allow you to improve internal project and process flows. Investigate technical issues. And make a real difference in your workplace.

Network and Systems Administration

Are you looking to move into a senior position within the networking and inter-networking discipline? The Master of Networking and Systems Administration will prepare you for the high-level thinking required to manage entire computer networks.

When you study this degree, you’ll investigate topics on network protocols, hacking countermeasures and IT service management. Then you’ll pursue your own interests. Choose from subjects on cloud computing, wireless networking, virtualisation, network security, Active Directory, Exchange Server management and more.

Are you ready to shape the future?

When you study IT with us, you’ll find the right information technology course for your career goals. Explore your future today.

1Cricos: 012006F