Everything to know to help your child apply to university

Parents guide for university: applying

Your child’s transition from high school to applying for university is a big deal – for both of you. So you need information to help you guide your child as they apply for uni. But sometimes that information doesn’t quite make it from the schoolbag to the kitchen bench, right?

At Charles Sturt University, we think the more knowledge the better. We want to remove the mystery around university study, keep you in the loop with important dates and information, and guide you through the uni application process.

So, let’s dig in.

Is a university degree really worth it?

One of the most common questions parents ask is: “How can my child secure a career they love, but that also offers future security?”

Well, a degree is a great place to start.

  • A university grad is likely to earn over $1 million more during their lifetime compared to someone who didn’t finish Year 12. You can’t argue with figures like that.
  • A uni degree opens up doors for your child that may not be possible without tertiary education. The advanced knowledge and skills developed while studying means grads have lots of opportunities for career advancement.
  • Our degrees aren’t just about academics and theory. Charles Sturt students start their career from day one – putting ideas into action and getting to work – so they graduate job-ready.

Education is an investment. And with Charles Sturt – it’s an investment that pays off because accordingly to no less a publication that The Good Universities Guide 2022/23, we have the highest graduate employment rate in Australia. What’s that mean? It means that more graduates from Charles Sturt find full-time employment within four months of finishing their degree than graduates from any other university in Australia.

Help with uni costs

You want the best education for your child, but it’s got to be affordable. We get that. With Charles Sturt University your child can tap into more than $3 million in scholarships and grants. They make studying that bit easier for students just like your child. Extra cash in their pocket means they won’t have to stress about course fees, textbooks and attending work placements.

Just ask Jacqui Sawer, who’s studying pharmacy: “I didn’t have the best academic skills, so didn’t think scholarships would be for me. I’ve never asked for help before but I decided to put my hand up so I can fulfil my goals. The scholarship gave me the funds to cover moving costs, set-up and living costs, so I could concentrate on my learning.”

The key to getting a scholarship? Applying.

Does your child need a hand getting to grips with their budget? They’ve got it! They can contact Charles Sturt University’s dedicated financial support team to get the lowdown on all things dollars and cents. They can also help your child navigate the HECS system and access funds like the Away From Base grant. They’ll even help you put your child’s applications together!

Admission pathways when applying for university

Not everyone follows the same path through life – and the same goes for getting into university.

And that’s why we’ve developed a range of admission pathways to help your child get a degree, even if they don’t get into their preferred course straight away. It could be doing a more general degree for a year before transferring into a more specialised one. Or doing a pathway course that introduces them to uni study – and guarantees entry into most undergrad degrees.

So when it comes time for ATARs to be released, keep in mind that there’s always a backup plan for your child to get into uni.

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