Agriculture or animal science: which career is right for you?

Want a hands-on job that really makes a difference? Then a career in agriculture or animal science is perfect for you.

  • Both have a high demand for qualified professionals. So whichever path you choose – a career in agriculture or animal science means a secure future.
  • These areas are crucial to the wellbeing of individuals, communities and our country.
  • Agriculture and animal science lead to loads of job options.

And both have lots of course options at Charles Sturt Australia’s #1 uni for grads who get jobs.

So which path should you take?

Feed the world with a career in agriculture

Agriculture is one of the oldest yet most rapidly changing industries in the world.

Develop ethical and sustainable food production systems. Support our growing population. Address challenges of production and distribution.

Think ag is just about farming? Think again. You could work in agribusinesses, private farms, research laboratories or government departments.

5 in-demand agriculture jobs

  • Agricultural and horticultural mobile plant operator – operate specialist machinery to clear and cultivate farmland
  • Agricultural scientist – conduct ground-breaking research and experiments to improve farming techniques
  • Crop farmer – grow crops using agricultural machinery and equipment
  • Livestock farmer – breed and raise animals like cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens to produce honey, meat, milk, skins, eggs and wool
  • Winemaker – coordinate the production of wine, spirits and other alcoholic drinks

Help creatures great and small with a career in animal science

Love helping animals? Turn that passion into a rewarding career in animal science.

Improve animal welfare. Provide life-saving health services. Analyse genetics. Improve nutrition. If you want to work with pets, working animals, livestock or wildlife – you can with animal science.

You could work in vet clinics, zoos, laboratories, private businesses or government departments.

5 in-demand animal science jobs

  • Animal nutritionist – provide expert advice about animal diets
  • Biosecurity researcher – monitor pests, diseases and weeds to protect our country
  • Veterinarian – diagnose, treat and help prevent disease and injury in animals
  • Veterinary nurse – look after the health and wellbeing of animals
  • Wildlife conservation officer – develop ways to protect wild animal populations

We’ve got you covered

Whether you decide on a career in agriculture or animal science, Charles Sturt is the place for you.

As a Charles Sturt student, you won’t just study your degree – you’ll live it. Hands-on learning is a way of life for us. Whether you’re building practical skills through workplace learning or applying your knowledge in our top-notch facilities. You’ll be laying the foundations so you can make your mark when you graduate.

And speaking of facilities, did we mention we have a 1,400-hectare farm on our Wagga Wagga campus? It’s complete with crops, vineyard, orchard, sheep and cattle yards, vet clinic, small animal hospital, equine centre, laboratories and research labs. You’ll be working in some of the best learning facilities in Australia.

Ready to get started?