A career that makes a difference – make it happen with Charles Sturt

Wondering what it takes to make a real difference in the world? Well, meet some people who’ve been there, done that, and got the degree to make it happen. We’re talking about those who’ve hit the books at university, not just for the grades, but to chase down careers that really matter. Often they’ve been changing careers later in life, or upskilling with a postgrad course to get the professional life they crave. From strengthening sustainability to fighting for fairness, from helping others when they need it most to inspiring the next generation – these are the stories of regular people like you, who’ve taken their passion and turned it into a force for good. Get ready for a dose of inspiration straight from those who’ve been in your shoes, and taken that step into a career that makes a difference.

Judith Gullifer – Psychology

“Psychologists have such an important role to play in our regional communities – not just for individual members, but for the community itself. My most memorable psychology career moment was working for the community and seeing the difference you can make, particularly when you’re working with children and young people. Seeing them grow and develop – then become contributors to their community. And knowing that somehow you’ve had an impact. You’ve been able to shape that somehow.”

Demi Taylor – Agricultural science

“I chose to study agricultural science as I appreciate the diversity within the industry. Agriculture gives people purpose, and it doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re a producer, consultant, scientist or in another position, you play an equally important role in global food security. It is this mindset that has encouraged me to further my learning about the social roles within agriculture and the corresponding environmental issues and sustainable practices involved.”

Tammy O’Connor – Midwifery

“I’m passionate about women accessing quality care with a midwife, regardless of their location.
I work with remote communities to try and implement services to ensure women in these areas have equal access to this type of care. I love hearing stories like that of a woman in her third pregnancy who hadn’t seen a midwife through any other pregnancy. This time, she was engaging with a midwife. Learning how to look after herself and her baby. Little wins like that mean all the difference in the world. Improving the journey for even one woman means I’ve done my job.”

Darren Denmead – Teaching

“Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the idea of making life a little bit more special for our kids and their families? No matter how trying the day, I go home knowing that I have helped children to believe in themselves and to love learning. Yes, the job is very demanding, but there is no better feeling than when you help kids to learn and to hope.”

Dana Maricic – Social work

“I would like to do social work in a refugee community where I can share my experiences and assist people as they adjust to a new lifestyle.
I can show them what they need to do, how to access language or migrant support services and assist with the transition to work or study. Specifically, I’d like to work with migrant women. The opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life is a fantastic outcome from studying this degree.”

Teresa Cochrane – Environmental science

“Being First Nations played a big part in me wanting to study environmental science. The more I study, the more in tune I feel with my culture. It’s so cool that in my degree I’m able to learn more about First Nations ecological knowledge. The knowledge that has been used for thousands and thousands of years to live with our environment and nurture it not harm it. I want to go back and work in National Parks and be on Country. Continue to learn from Indigenous people who understand the land. Continue to grow my own knowledge.”

Nadja Wallington – Winemaking

“I want to contribute to this industry because I come from the land and love that this is our foundation. I also have a huge sense of responsibility to do the right thing. To farm the land in a way that assures it will be here to benefit many generations to come. It will be increasingly necessary to think creatively about what it means to be sustainable. That means looking at becoming more sustainable as a whole business and then as a sector.”

Clare Jackson – Sustainable business

“Postgraduate study gave me the self-confidence to apply for roles that I didn’t think
I had the skills or intelligence for. Studying broadened my horizons. It allowed me to find an area of learning I was passionate
about – sustainability, renewable energy and waste management. I knew I wanted to pursue it as a future career. The emerging technologies in waste management, renewables and sustainability are ever-evolving. I find that it’s a really innovative area to be in.”

Find your career that makes a difference

Male teacher with a group of chldren

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