Quiz! Choosing the right degree for your dream job

Take our quiz on choosing the right degree to discover where to take your career next in the future of work, your job prospects when you do, and find the perfect course for your dream job.

Are you happiest working with:

A: Nature
B: Concepts
C: Numbers
D: People

What is your strongest trait?

A: Your analytical mind.
B: Your creativity.
C: Your ability to work with data.
D: Your kind and caring nature.

What interests you most?

A: Discovering something new.
B: Creating something eye-catching.
C: Making things efficient.
D: Giving back to the community.

Would you rather:

A: Investigate a natural phenomena.
B: Pitch your big idea.
C: Develop new ways of doing things.
D: Help people build a better life.

Can you see yourself?

A: Working with a microscope.
B: Working with a camera.
C: Working with a spreadsheet.
D: Working with children.

If you answered mostly A…

you’ve got a scientific mind, and you want a job that makes a difference to animals, nature and scientific endeavour.


The job you wantAverage weekly wageJob outlookThe course you need
$2218StrongBachelor of Agricultural Science
$1779StrongBachelor of
Environmental Science
$1500StrongBachelor of General
Studies (Science)
$1088StrongBachelor of Veterinary

If you answered mostly B…

you’ve got a creative drive, and want a job that let’s you explore your imagination.


The job you wantAverage weekly wageJob outlookThe course you need
$1737StrongBachelor of Communication
$1346StrongBachelor of Communication (Digital Media Production)
Actor$1366StrongBachelor of Communication (Theatre Media)
Multimedia specialist$1596Very strongBachelor of Communication (Digital Media Production)

If you answered mostly C…

you’re logical and focused on solving problems. You want a job where you can lead projects that help businesses and communities work better.


The job you wantAverage weekly wageJob outlookThe course you need
Finance manager$2286StrongBachelor of Business (Finance)
Systems analyst$2274StrongBachelor of Information Technology
Programmer$2003Very strongBachelor of Computer Science
Civil engineer$1962StrongBachelor of Technology (Civil Systems) / Master of Engineering (Civil Systems)

If you answered mostly D…

you’re a people person, and you want a job where you know you can make a positive impact on others’ lives, to help them be their best.


The job you wantAverage weekly wageJob outlookChoosing the right degree
Social work$1829StrongBachelor of Social Work
Primary school teacher$1801StrongBachelor of Education (K-12)
Registered nurse$1909Very strongBachelor of Nursing
Medical imaging pro$2354StrongBachelor of Medical Radiation Science

*All salary and outlook information: joboutlook.gov.au