Women in wheelchair discussing the disability service

How Charles Sturt Uni ensures equal access for all students

At Charles Sturt University, we’re driven by our values. We’re insightful, impactful, inspiring – and we’re inclusive. The last value is especially relevant to our students with a disability. We want to make sure that your study experience with us is inclusive – and that you can participate 100 per cent in your studies with tailored disability support.

Our Disability Service ensures that our students with disabilities have the same options as students without a disability. It should be no easier, or harder, for a student with a disability to participate in uni life – we just want to make sure it’s equal. We provide advice, support and adjustments to students with a disability, so you can participate fully in your studies.

How to find disability help

If you’re trying to manage the demands of university study, as well as a health condition or learning disability, or are experiencing personal circumstances that are affecting your studies, the Disability Service can help.

You just need to register via the student portal.

Unsure if you’re eligible? You can access the service if you:

  • have a disability
  • experience injury or illness
  • are diagnosed with a medical or mental health condition.

Support is available whether your condition is permanent, fluctuating or temporary. You can register for disability support at any time during your studies.

For those new to the service or unsure whether you’re eligible, you can always email us for answers to any of your questions. It’s best to touch base with us as soon as you begin studying. That way, we can get everything organised for you well in advance.

Student liaison officer (disability support)

Each student that engages the Disability Service is assigned a student liaison officer (SLO). They will help you access the different services and facilities across the university.

Your SLO can help with:

  • developing your Study Access Plan
  • general advice and assistance
  • information around disclosure of your disability to other staff and students
  • referral to and communication with relevant support services
  • access to specialised resources and services.

Study Access Plan

Your Study Access Plan (SAP) details recommendations for the type of support and assistance you may need to help reduce the impact of your disability or condition on your study. It will also advise staff of your requirements. All the information included in a SAP is completely confidential and only used by Charles Sturt University for the purpose of implementing reasonable study adjustments.

Wondering what kinds of adjustments are available to you? Let’s break them down together.

Academic adjustments

Academic adjustments are for study tasks or resources, such as exams, assignments or presentations. These include things like:

  • having extra time to complete a task
  • using a computer instead of writing by hand
  • undertaking a presentation separately.

Alternative exam arrangements

Exams can be stressful at the best of times. That’s why we want to ensure that you’re at the top of your game and feeling comfortable. Alternative exam arrangements can include:

  • additional time to undertake the exam
  • completing an exam in a small group or separate room
  • using a computer instead of handwriting your responses.

Alternative format

If your disability makes it difficult for you to access your study materials, we can also supply them to you in an alternative format. That might be print, electronic or audio transcribed.

Mental health support

Your disability doesn’t have to be purely physical.

Samantha Tiernan, Team Leader of the Disability Service, believes the increase in mental health awareness has led to more people seeking help for their conditions.

“Yes, we have seen an increase in the number of students with mental health conditions. I also believe that the community as a whole is becoming more aware of mental health as an issue. Students are feeling less stigma and more acceptance and are more likely to seek support.

“Current students are sharing their positive experiences about our service with other students and academic staff. Plus, the numbers of students registering with the service is increasing. That is fantastic as we don’t like to hear that students haven’t been aware of the service and haven’t accessed the support and reasonable adjustments that could have been provided that would have made a difference for them.”

We’re here with disability support for you

In our experience, being supported from the day you start makes a huge difference to your study experience, your results and your success at Charles Sturt University.

Ready to talk to our friendly team about getting started? Just call us on 1800 275 278 or reach out online.