How do university offer rounds work?

When you’re the parent of a Year 12 student, there’s plenty to learn as you help them prepare for their next step, including understanding university offer rounds. From navigating UAC/VTAC to applying for accommodation – and everything in between – there’s plenty to keep you busy. And while your child wraps up high school and gets set for life as a uni student, there are key dates to remember, and lots of questions.

One of the big questions you may have is: How do university offer rounds work? Let’s unpack the offer process.

Main university offer rounds for Year 12 students

There are a number of university offer rounds throughout the year via UAC (Universities Admission Centre) and the other Tertiary Admission Centres (TACs). However, most offers are made to Year 12 students once ATARs have been released in December. The main offer rounds for UAC are December Round 2 and January Round 1. Be sure to add these to your diary.

This year, things have gone back to normal after COVID, so ATARs for NSW and ACT HSC students will again be released on 14 December 2023.

December Round 2 offers

If your child wants to receive a study offer via UAC just a few days after getting their ATAR, then this is the round for them. It’s a good idea to get organised early and apply as soon as they possible. Not only will your child have more certainty and less stress over the Christmas holidays, but some competitive courses may fill quickly. Your child can give themselves the best chance at getting into their top preference by applying for this round.

Important dates for UAC December Round 2 offers:

  • Thursday 9 December – apply and pay
  • Friday 15 December – change your preference
  • Offers released on 15 December 2023

Important dates for UAC January Round 1 offers

  • Change preferences by 4 January 2024
  • Offers released on 11 January 2024

February Round 1 offers

This is your child’s next opportunity to get into the course they want. Remember, they can preference up to five courses with UAC. So if they don’t receive an offer for their first preference, we’ll look at their ATAR and make an offer based on their next preferenced courses.

Another point to remember is some students who were made offers in December Round 2 may have chosen to decline or defer their places. This means that places in popular courses could become available. Great news if your child’s preferred course that had previously filled becomes available to them!

Important dates for UAC February Round 1 offers

  • Change preferences by 29 January
  • Offers released on 3 February
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Accepting an offer

Your child will only receive one offer for each round they apply for. If they don’t receive an offer or get an offer that’s not their first preference in an earlier round, then there’s still options. For instance, they might receive an offer to their second or third preferenced course. Now, they can choose to accept this offer as the course may provide a pathway to the course they really want. Or, they might decide to apply for the next round of offers to see if their top preference has placed. They should look at the ATAR cut-off for the course they really want to see if they are eligible for entry to that course.

Early offers

Now, here’s some exciting news. Your child can receive an offer to study with Charles Sturt before they sit their final exams! Early offers for undergraduate courses are offered through:

  • Charles Sturt Advantage (our early offer program)
  • Schools Recommendation Scheme (via UAC)
  • in some cases, criteria other than ATAR, such as an interview or audition.

Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program

At Charles Sturt we recognise there is much more to your child than academic achievement alone. That’s why our Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program considers your child’s diverse skills and attributes. We consider Year 11 results and soft skills – things like communication, motivation, empathy and resilience – to assess potential to succeed at uni. This program is unique to Charles Sturt and offers exclusive support and events. Find out how your child can get the Advantage.

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