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IT and cyber security jobs: be in demand

Did you know… the government predicts strong future job growth for professionals such as IT project managers and cyber security specialists.

Which means that if you love tech, you’re going to be in demand in the job market.

Get your move into the dynamic world of IT and cyber security jobs off to the best start with an undergraduate degree from Charles Sturt. Choose either the Bachelor of Computer Science or the Bachelor of Information Technology1 and put yourself at the front of the queue for those very jobs.


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So, if you want a job where no two days are the same, where you get to combine your technical and problem-solving skills and are in demand – read on…

We’ve broken down some of the top emerging IT and cyber security jobs.

Top IT jobs

Artificial intelligence specialist

If machines are going to learn, they need someone to teach them. Enter the AI specialist. You’ll research machine-learning capabilities and opportunities, and devise programming solutions to meet them. Take the Internet of Things to the next level. Problem-solve to help machines problem-solve. 

Automation consultant

At the heart of this role is the development, implementation and management of software that makes business processes more efficient. In this role, you’ll work with others to identify where functions can be improved and find relevant solutions. Think things like bots for dealing with simple customer queries or software to write simple code.

Full stack engineer

This is a role that is all about versatility. You’ll be running projects from start to finish, taking in anything from web development to software design. So what does having such a wide range of skills mean? You’ll be in demand – across so many different industries.

Data scientist

Get a grip on big data – and then use your findings to change your organisation to meet future challenges. So, what does a data scientist do? Data scientists deal with a huge amount of raw and processed data, generated through interaction with technology. They find, clean, organise and analyse data in order to identify patterns, which businesses can then use to inform the strategic decision-making process.

Marketing automation specialist

Businesses can communicate with their customers across many channels. Websites, social media, TV… So industry is looking for individuals who can manage communication across these channels. Ensure messages are delivered in the best way for their audience. Use tech to find and nurture customers. Attract customers to your brand.

Top cyber jobs

Ethical hacker

Sometimes known as a penetration tester, an ethical hacker mimics criminals to identify weaknesses in cyber security systems. You look for the faults so that you can fix them before the bad guys find them. You’ll seek to head off everything from phishing scams and shoulder surfing for identity theft to encryption cracking and port vulnerabilities.


Unhackable code. Is there such a thing? As a cryptographer, you’ll be pushing the boundaries to make it a reality. You’ll also design ciphers, write code and create security systems that protect an organisation’s digital data. You’ll have skills in mathematics, programming languages and statistics, of course, but also a nose for a challenge, all allied to a problem-solving mindset.

Computer forensics expert

Combine technical skills with in-depth analysis, as you lead investigations into suspicious activity and security breaches. You could work as part of the police force, for government or as part of a business’s in-house security team, such as at a financial institution.

Incident responder

You might well have heard the term ‘first responder’ in relation to firefighters or paramedics. Well, an incident responder is the cyber security equivalent. They’re on the frontline when it comes to security threats. A career as an incident responder is certainly the very definition of dynamic. When an incident occurs, whether that is a threat or a full-blown security breach, you’ll jump into action.

Security architect

How does a job designing security systems for a company’s networks sound? Great? Then a role as a security architect could be right up your digital street. You’ll oversee the whole implementation of a security system. From researching the threats and vulnerabilities, to designing suitable security protocol and architecture – which could include everything from VPNs to firewalls.

Let’s power up your move into IT and cyber security jobs

Choose your undergrad degree and prepare for tomorrow’s IT and cyber security jobs today.

Bachelor of Computer Science
You can specialise in game design, or focus on cloud computing and mobile app development.

Bachelor of Information Technology
Choose a future-focused area to specialise in, including web development, network engineering… and cyber security.

IT and cyber security at Charles Sturt is even more connected

We’ve partnered with IBM to create opportunities for students (just like you) to turbocharge their careers. Not only have we created the client innovation centre in Bathurst – bringing cutting-edge tech innovation to the Central West – but we’ve also initiated a paid internship program. As a result, this partnership will provide opportunities for researchers and industry to collaborate on projects, particularly in cybersecurity and data and digital services. For future students, this will mean scholarships, student cadetships and also work experience alongside IBM experts. Become part of a leading-edge tech network by studying either the Bachelor of Computer Science or the Bachelor of Information Technology at Bathurst.

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