Woman on a laptop in her home officer contemplating midyear entry to uni

Midyear entry: 7 reasons why it’s the perfect time to start uni

When it comes to starting at uni, January ain’t all that. Sure, it’s when resolutions tend to be made, but no one wants to wait for the calendar to tick over again to actually start putting them in place. After all, you want to start studying when you’ve got all your ducks in a row. You want to kickstart your career when you’re ready to go. And you can with Charles Sturt University. We have midyear entry for people just like you.

Midyear entry at Charles Sturt University (we call it Session 2) starts in July each year. So you don’t have to wait to begin your study adventure.

Here are just a few reasons why midyear is the perfect starting point.

1. You’re ready

You finished Year 12 and wanted to take some time off to travel or work. Or you had a busy start to the year, what with getting your kids settled into school after a hectic Christmas period. Or you sat down with your manager at the beginning of the year and worked out the next steps for your career progression. Whatever the reason, not everyone is ready to start studying in January. But you’re ready now – and you don’t want to wait for another new year to come around.

2. You’re in control

We have more than 200 different courses available to study midyear. From degrees to diplomas, from undergraduate to postgraduate – we’ve got the course for you. Just choose the one that meets your needs and gets you towards your career goals. Plus, most of them can be studied online, meaning you can fit study around your other commitments.

3. You don’t have to graduate later even with midyear entry

In many courses, you can graduate over a shorter time than those who began at the start of the year. There’s also often options to take subjects during Session 3 or study breaks. But if you don’t have the time to do that, you don’t have to. We’ve got structured programs of study for whenever you start during the year. What’s more, lots of courses have some flexibility, so you can change your study load to when it’s most convenient for you.

4. You can take a small step first

Midyear entry could give you the opportunity to try out study to make sure university is right for you. You could take a subject (or two… or three) to see how you go and then transition into a full degree next year. (Plus, you’ll likely get credit for those subjects you’ve already studied.) This can be very useful as well if you didn’t quite get into your first choice of course. Sometimes you can undertake pathway courses that give you the foundation to apply for your preferred course.

5. You can get on the right career track with midyear entry

Equally, you might have started one course at the beginning of the year and realised that it isn’t quite for you. Again, not a problem; sometimes you need to be in something to really assess whether it’s working for you. Midyear entry may allow you to change courses to something more suitable. Even better, you could gain credit towards your new course for some of the study you’ve already done.

6. You can find the right place

You thought that heading to the city to study was the right way to go, but now know you’d be much happier nearer home or in the more relaxed environment of a regional university. There’s no shame in that. Midyear entry allows you to transfer to where you want to be.

7. You can boost your career

In the workplace, upskilling is important to stay at the forefront of your industry. And midyear can be a great place to start gaining new skills and knowledge that can enhance your CV so you can go for a promotion or seek a more advanced role in another organisation. Plus, increasingly employers are keen to support staff who are looking to advance their knowledge.

Make midyear entry your pathway to success

With a flexible approach to study, a wide range of courses to fit your career ambitions and all the structured support you’ll need from day one, starting at Charles Sturt University midyear could be just the ticket.

Your future starts now.