Statue of the scales of justice, representing the notion of studying an online law degree in Australia

An online law degree in Australia results in Australia’s legal changemakers

Studying an online law degree in Australia might not be new but Charles Sturt University’s unique online law degree is certainly the first of its kind. And when students graduate they are ready to be the change at the heart of regional communities. Driving advocacy and improving access to legal representation across the country.

The Bachelor of Laws combines traditional ‘black letter’ law curriculum with Indigenous Australian content, sustainability and specialised regional law topics. It also focuses on embedding cultural competence.

Adjunct Professor Alison Gerard, said this internationally unique legal education equips graduates with the ability to pursue a dynamic law career. They can be change makers in the legal profession and their community.

“Our students enjoy the flexible online education we provide in a supportive learning environment. We bring students together at intensive schools to promote collaboration with each other, with legal academics and to learn from the best practitioners in the legal profession.”

The student view

“Charles Sturt University not only offered flexibility, it also provided a supportive environment. Unlike other institutions it encouraged us to think about the needs of Indigenous and other minorities in all aspects of law.” Ilvana Nanic, law graduate

Law graduate Ilvana Nanic said that being in the first intake of students to study law online with Charles Sturt meant she was emotionally invested in, and excited by, the law program.

“Charles Sturt University not only offered flexibility, it also provided a supportive environment and unlike other institutions it encouraged us to think about the needs of First Nations people and other minorities in all aspects of law.”

Ilvana said the law program appealed to her because she aspires to a career that will make a difference to disadvantaged communities.

“Lecturers encouraged us to understand how we connect with different groups so that we get them the best outcome.”

When describing her learning experience, Ilvana emphasised that the university’s strength was the support provided by academic staff.

“Charles Sturt University wants you to succeed,” Ilvana said, adding that the intensive schools were also significant in her learning.

“I attended all of my intensive school offerings because it was a prime opportunity for me to engage with my lecturers and other students. I was fortunate enough to have met the country’s most successful barristers and justices. Connecting with other professionals and students is of significant benefit. It encourages you to form a good network within your chosen profession.”

The online law degree in Australia offering flexibility and connection

Fellow law graduate Miriam Dayhew said the course was well structured and expertly administered by professional and passionate academic staff.

Working full-time, Miriam said the opportunity to study law online, and the quality of the academic staff teaching the program, drove her decision to study the Bachelor of Laws.

“Staff made sure the intensive schools were valuable. They invited practicing barristers and judges to speak and share their war stories so we could apply our knowledge.”

Miriam added that she would often find herself going off on tangents when studying because her reading was so interesting. This was a reflection of the richness and quality of the curriculum.

“The course was structured so we could look at our interests and research them. Living in regional New South Wales, I investigated GM (genetically modified) crops. Then I used the information to talk to my farming neighbours.”

Miriam said the opportunity that the Centre for Law and Justice provided to meet an extraordinary mix of students was also highly beneficial and positive.

“The ability to talk with people from varied backgrounds added to the learning experience. It helped apply theory to real-world scenarios.”

Opting to fast-track her study, Miriam studied three sessions each year. She said this was particularly helpful over Christmas. Her work was typically quieter then and allowed her to focus on study.

“Studying the law program was a really positive experience. And it adds great value to the overall offering of Charles Sturt University”, Miriam said.

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