Living at university is easy when you live on campus in Albury, Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange, Port Macquarie or Wagga Wagga.

Uni accommodation: top 7 reasons to live on campus

Your uni accommodation woes are about to be sorted! Imagine a world where all your neighbours are friends. Where you can get anywhere you need by walking. Where everything you see is there for you. That’s what happens when you live on campus at Charles Sturt University. Here’s seven reasons to live on campus at university is cool (and practical).

1. Uni accommodation is cosy

Okay, let me explain. When you’re new and you don’t know anyone, don’t know where to go and you’re generally feeling like a ding-dong, living on campus is… cosy. You feel safe – it’s familiar. You’re surrounded by fellow students who are doing the same thing as you. All the staff are ready to help you. It’s like being able to hang out in your favourite onesie 24/7 (which you can totally do in uni accommodation if you want).

2. Living on campus is easy

Think about it. When you live at uni you’re walking distance to class, to your lecturers. The library, study rooms and recreation facilities are at your fingertips. Easy as. Choosing on-campus accommodation is a no-brainer, right? And the lifestyle is pretty easy at our great campus locations too. Choose from Albury, Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange, Port Macquarie or Wagga Wagga.

3. When you live on campus you up your chance of success

True. Simply by choosing on-campus accommodation you’ll have more time and opportunity to get involved in campus life and a better chance of staying the course. You’ll also have the support of staff and your uni friends to help you through any challenging times.

4. You’re protected from real estate agents when you live on campus

For whatever reason, many real estate agents view uni students as ranking somewhere between pond scum and that stuff you stepped in last Friday night. But at Charles Sturt, we’re thrilled to have you live on campus at any of our great locations, from Albury-Wodonga to Wagga Wagga.

5. Unreliable roommates? Not when you choose uni accommodation

House sharing sounds like fun. But splitting electricity bills and forever trying to replace roommates is not. Living on campus means that for a single all-inclusive fee, we take care of everything. We sort the utilities, we clean the place and we provide you with welcoming spaces to live, study and chill. We’ll even feed you.

“I absolutely LOVED living on campus. The social life is amazing and you make some real lifelong friends in the process. It’s all good fun and the kind of lifestyle you are going to remember fondly when you get older.” Richie Robey, advertising graduate, Bathurst campus

6. You gain independence living at uni (but just the best bits)

When you live on campus you decide when to get up and when to hit the sack. Whether to study or flop on the couch and binge-watch the latest hit series.

But if you need a hand? Our dedicated Residence Life (Res Life) team are there to support you. ‘Life’ stands for Leadership, Independence, Friendship and Engagement, and the team will help you grow in all these areas. We also provide security and maintenance. All you need to do is study and have fun when you sign up to uni accommodation.

And even if you grew up in the same town as your uni, living on campus can be the next step toward living life on your terms.

7. You’ll make friends when you live at university.

It’s easy to make friends when you’re all living in the same place. We’ve got a big range of sport and rec facilities, and there are heaps of social and sporting clubs you can join. You can get involved with study groups, help run LGBTIQA+ support groups or explore the options for studying overseas.

Res Life also organises heaps of events throughout the year where you get to meet new peeps and have a laugh – everything from formal balls and music gigs to movie nights and barbecues.

Sound good?

We have campuses in lots of great locations across Australia, such as Albury-Wodonga, Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange, Port Macquarie and Wagga Wagga. You can check them out and go behind the scenes on a campus tour.

Next steps? That’s easy. Choose your course and check out our uni accommodation (also known as your new home).

“I lived in a close-knit residence – it was really like a small family. It provided me with the facilities, friendship, support and routine I needed to make the huge change of moving from the only town I knew.” Katherine Rogers, pharmacy graduate, Wagga Wagga campus