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Types of scholarship: a parent’s guide

Getting a degree is one of the best investments your child can make to secure their future. When it comes to funding the cost of study a helping hand can go a long way. Charles Sturt offers a broad range of scholarships each year. We’re talking about more than $3 million in scholarships and grants that your child could get a share of. So read on to uncover the types of scholarship your child could apply for.

What does it take to get a scholarship?

Think your child needs to be at the top of their class to score a scholarship? Think again! That’s just one way they can score a scholarship. We recognise students for everything they bring to the table – not just their academic abilities. That means your child could be eligible for many different types of scholarship based on things like community service, volunteer work, or where they live or study. That’s right, your child’s postcode can help to determine their eligibility for certain types of scholarship.

There are also scholarships that recognise any hardships or challenges that your child may have faced while studying at high school. Because everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.

It’s no secret that receiving a scholarship can make a big difference to your child’s uni experience. It can be life-changing for some students. Just ask agriculture student Demi.

“I believe I will be more prepared and competent within my career after graduation. The scholarship also eliminates the financial stressors associated with being a student. And it guarantees that I am able to focus on obtaining my degrees and participate in valuable industry experiences.”

Types of scholarship at Charles Sturt

Let’s take a closer look at the types of scholarships offered at Charles Sturt.

  • Course-related scholarships
  • Location scholarships
  • Living on campus scholarships
  • First Nations scholarships
  • Financial hardship scholarships
  • TAFE to uni scholarships

Course-related scholarships

We offer a broad range of scholarships related to specific courses, which are only available to students who are starting or continuing study in a certain course. So whether your child wants to study agriculture, nursing, teaching, business, or a wide variety of our other courses, they can search our full range of scholarships and filter by course to see what’s available.

Location scholarships

Did you know that your child could qualify for a scholarship based on their location? Some scholarships are based on where your child completed high school or the campus they will be studying at. Moreover, you can search our scholarships by study mode and refine by campus to find out which scholarships are campus-specific. We also offer scholarships for students from rural or remote areas. So if your child resides in a rural or remote area it will definitely be worthwhile!

Living on campus scholarships

When your child leaves home for uni they will need somewhere comfortable, convenient and safe to live. And living on campus certainly has its perks. Our range of living on campus scholarships can assist with the cost of on-campus accommodation. There are also scholarships to help with the cost of relocating to our campuses.

First Nations scholarships

If your child identifies as First Nations, then check out our scholarships and grants that are especially for First Nations students. If they need some help or guidance when completing their application, we can offer that too.

Financial hardship scholarships

We understand that everyone’s situation is unique. So there are scholarships and grants to assist students who come from low-income backgrounds. Financial assistance is also available through the government’s Study Assist.

TAFE to uni scholarships

If your child is looking at a TAFE to uni pathway, there are scholarships for students who have completed a TAFE qualification such as a diploma. Check out scholarships for TAFE to uni students.

Which types of scholarship should they apply for?

Here are some things to consider when scholarship hunting with your child.

  • Has your child participated in community service?
  • Can they demonstrate their motivation to succeed at uni?
  • Have they done well at school?
  • Are they involved in extracurricular activities, sporting teams or charity events?
  • Could they do with a helping hand to reach their full potential?
  • Do they have passion to create a world worth living in?

Yes? Well, there’s a scholarship for that!

How can I help my child apply for a scholarship?

  1. Firstly, sit down with your child to see what’s available. Most of Charles Sturt’s scholarships open at the start of September and close around January/February each year. So it’s a good idea to check out the list of scholarships as early as possible and note the closing dates.
  2. Once you’ve both found the right scholarship/s, take a good look at the criteria. It’s important that your child answers the questions being asked. The more specific examples your child can offer, the better! The judging panel want to hear about your child’s unique story.
  3. Help your child finalise their application by reading over it. Run a spell-check, make sure the questions have been answered and wish them all the best once they’ve hit submit.
  4. Finally, if your child is selected as a scholarship recipient make sure you help them celebrate their achievement at their scholarship ceremony.

Apply for a scholarship

Now’s the time to find the perfect scholarship for your child. Our scholarships search makes it easy to find which ones are right for your child. Browse our full range of scholarships and encourage your child to apply for as many as they’re eligible for. Remember, they’ve got to be in it to win it!