Year 12 student working through UAC preferences on laptop

UAC preferences: what you need to know

Confused about how UAC preferences work? Never fear, we have the essential info. Follow these steps and, as a result, you could end up with more than one Charles Sturt study offer to choose from!

1. Log into UAC to start your application

Apply through Universities Admission Centre (UAC) if you want to study on campus at any of Charles Sturt’s six regional locations. (If you want to study online with us, you can apply direct to Charles Sturt.)

Hint: Apply to UAC before the early bird deadline usually around the end of September and save over half the normal fee!

2. Complete one application to UAC with up to five course preferences

You can apply to multiple unis – or several courses with the same uni – in your one UAC application.

Firstly, list up to five courses, in the order you’d most like to study them. Don’t worry at this stage about ATAR – if you don’t get the ATAR for your first preference, your next preference will be considered. UAC will submit your course preferences to the relevant uni(s) on your behalf.

Hint: While you’re in your UAC application, apply for Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS) to be in the running for an early offer. You can also apply separately for our Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program!

SRS recognises academic skills. Our Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program rewards your soft skills. We recommend you apply for both!

3. You can change your UAC preferences up until each offer round closing date

UAC considers your preferences one at a time in the order you’ve listed them. So if you change your mind on what you want to study, log in to your UAC application before the relevant offer round closing date (check the UAC website for dates) and simply update your preferences. There is no charge for changing preferences, so you can update as many times as you like.

Hint: You can book a one-to-one consult with a friendly Charles Sturt adviser to find out more about our courses.

4. You’ll receive one offer in each offer round

Most Year 12 applicants will receive their offers during December, after ATARs are released. You’ll get an email from UAC with an offer for your highest preference that you’re eligible for. You’ll receive only one offer in each round – but you may receive more than one offer over the different rounds if you know what to do. Read on!

Hint: Charles Sturt uses your selection rank (ATAR plus any adjustment factors) to assess your eligibility for our courses. So even if you don’t get the published ATAR for a course, you may still be eligible! 

5. If you re-order your UAC preferences after a round, you may end up with more than one offer!

Whether you do or don’t receive your first preference, you can accept the offer that you’ve been made and then re-order your preferences before the next round opens. Make sure you remove the course you’ve accepted; likewise, any courses you’re no longer interested in. If you receive another offer, you’ll have options!

6. As long as you’ve accepted an offer, you won’t lose your place

You can change preferences after you’ve accepted an offer. And you won’t lose that initial offer. Moreover, you might get another offer from Charles Sturt in the next round. You can choose either to accept the new offer and withdraw from the first – or decline it and keep the place you were offered initially.

7. Enrol!

Your Charles Sturt offer will explain how to accept and enrol. It’s an easy process – and then you can look forward to starting uni in March! Or you can defer, if you prefer. For most of our courses, you could, alternatively, accept your offer and then defer for up to 24 months if you decide to take a gap year – or two!   

8. Didn’t get a Charles Sturt offer? Don’t stress.

Charles Sturt has plenty of admission pathways that can help you get into your first choice course!

Get your preferences sorted!

Jump into your application and make sure your Charles Sturt course is #1. Reach out if you need a hand. We’re here for you.