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Understanding digital media: the soft skill everyone needs

Different types of digital media are everywhere. You know it. We know. Our data roaming plans know it. The internet has changed many aspects of life, from how we get news to how we entertain ourselves. It has also changed the nature of work.

Technology is increasingly part of our working lives. From agriculture and healthcare to policing and communication, tech is shaping the future of the workplace. And understanding how digital media works – and developing the ability to engage with it effectively – is a key skill that everyone needs in the contemporary world.

The good news is that you can get knowledge and skills in this crucial area easily through the single subject study program at Charles Sturt University. It’s simple. The program allows you to study one subject to boost your professional life. You don’t need to do a full degree; you can get the specific skills you need quickly and conveniently. And when it comes to the essential skills around internet technology, our Digital Media subject has got you covered.

We talked to Dr Travis Holland, course director, lecturer and researcher in communication, who is the coordinator for the Digital Media subject about what the subject gives you, and how it can help you position yourself more effectively in the digital world.

How can understanding digital media help me in my career?

“Digital media skills can really help to expand your career opportunities. In this subject, students a nuanced understanding of social and mobile media. They will be able to produce content suitable for the various social media channels, as well as create material based on audience and user feedback. Increasingly, people need to find their own communities and develop their own professional networks across the internet. So we also show people how to find and develop professional conversations online.”

Can I learn how to protect myself online?

In just one session of study you’ll cover a lot of theory and practical skills to become digital media savvy.

“We ask students to consider the major issues on the internet today and how they can respond to those issues if required. During the course, we also demonstrate how information has developed and flows through the social media landscape. This includes things like media disruption and convergence.

“We also look at how digital media can be used to sidestep traditional media and be utilised to voice dissent. Plus, we examine issues like copyright and how to use information in a legally safe way. And we investigate the ethics of interacting with and using other people’s information that’s available online.

Digital media skills are essential for everyone

Developing or brushing up on digital media skills is becoming essential in all careers. Whatever industry you’re in, or hoping to be in, digital skills will take you far.

“Even for digital natives, often people don’t know how to create digital media content to further their goals. Also, lots of students are interested in how the internet is changing culture. Plus, of course, digital skills are increasingly essential for professionals in any industry. For instance, this subject helps people develop skills in writing for social media. It also enhances their ability to interact, engage with and critique the work of others online.

“We have students doing the subject who work in accountancy, who work in the communication and creative industries, who are scientists – so while a lot of the subjects we cover are applicable to all, we also give you the opportunity to tailor your studies to what’s important to you in your field. Your can choose the issues that you want to respond to.”

Ready to get digital media savvy?

You can study our digital media subject on campus or online. You know what you’ve got going on in your life, so choose the format that suits you best.

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