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Why starting in the November study session makes sense

On the surface, November doesn’t really seem like a logical time to start something.  

People tend to be winding down for the year. Getting ready for a relaxing summer. Enjoying a few weeks off work and study.


You might find that November is actually the perfect time to tackle a new challenge – like starting your Charles Sturt University degree. Just because everyone is winding down, doesn’t mean you have to as well!

So, read on to find out why starting study in November (we call it by the snazzy handle, Session 3) makes perfect sense.

You’re giving yourself a head-start on the following year

You know what they say… The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

So, the sooner you start your degree, the sooner you’ll be qualified. And that’s where Session 3 comes in. Studying in Session 3 is an opportunity to accelerate your studies by taking one or two units over the summer. It’s a chance to fast-track your course – and bring graduation one step closer.  

What’s more, you might be able to complete a qualification in as little as six months. A graduate certificate is your chance to get a postgraduate qualification and upskill to boost your career. When you apply to study a postgraduate course, we’ll assess your previous education and relevant work experience, and you could get credit for them towards your degree. And that means graduating faster.

You can catch up (if you’ve fallen behind)

If you’re already studying, sometimes life can become overwhelming – and you might find yourself falling a little behind in your classes. Session 3 is the perfect time to reign it back in and get on top of your studies. If you started a subject during the year (but didn’t complete it), now is the time to pick it back up!

Alternatively, if you know what subjects you’ll be taking in Session 1 the following year, use this time to get ahead on your readings, notes or planning your assessments.

Start in the November study session to upgrade your skills during your down-time

Hate sitting around idle when you could be accomplishing things? Make the most of your time and use this summer session to improve your skill set.

Session 3 is the perfect time to pick up a unit or two simply for enjoyment – or to give your skills an uplift. There’s plenty of subjects on offer, so use your time off to develop skills and knowledge that employers are looking for.

Single Subject Study is an option

Have you explored the idea of Single Subject Study? It’s a great idea – especially in Session 3.

At Charles Sturt, we have subjects that you can study on their own. Our single subjects range across a large number of disciplines – from accounting to viticulture and everything in-between. Most can be studied online and you’ll have access to all the same teaching, materials, resources and support as students pursuing a full degree.

So, what better time to dip your toes into the single subject pool than Session 3? You can see if you’re down to complete a full degree – and get a head start on the following year.

Ready to start in the November study session?

The first step is deciding on the right course for you. Explore our range of courses. Just make sure you check if your degree offers entry in Session 3 to start your study in November!