Life on campus: 5 things to do in your first week at uni

Starting uni is an exciting time – and your years at Charles Sturt University will be some of the best you’ll ever have. You’ll expand your knowledge and skills, broaden your horizons, meet some amazing people – and have a ripper time while doing it. So let’s get it started right and tick off the five most important things to do in your first week of uni.

We’ve seen thousands of students jump head first into uni life over the years. We know that the things you do in your first week of uni can totally set you up for study success.

1.      Sort out your finances

Money can be a source of stress if your finances are out of whack. And when you’re starting uni, you need to be in good financial shape.

First things first – budgeting is key. Compare your income and your expenses and develop a realistic budget. You need to know what you’re working with.

From there, explore ways to increase your income while studying. Look into things like scholarships and government assistance. They’re great ways to boost your cash flow while you do your course!

We also have a financial support team that can help you with budgeting, planning and applying for loans, as well as programs to help you find a part-time job if you want one!

2.      Explore our support services

At Charles Sturt, support isn’t an ‘add-on’ – it’s part of your experience. Being supported is just a normal part of being in our family. We’ll introduce you to all our academic and social support services early and encourage you to use them whenever you need them.

Getting acquainted with the options available in your first week of university may come in handy later on. If you do find yourself in a situation where you need a bit of help, you’ll be confident knowing what’s available and how to access it.

ADDED BONUS: It’s proven that accessing support services while studying can increase your chances of success. All you need to do is reach out!

3.      Get social and join a club

Keep an eye out for the Club Day announcement during your first week of uni – it’s your first opportunity to get familiar with the clubs and societies on your campus. With more than 95 clubs and societies with almost 5000 members across our campuses, we’re sure you’ll find one you’re keen on!

But why join a club or society? Well…

  • You’ll meet a group of like-minded people (which means automatic friends – yay!).
  • You can explore an existing passion or find a new calling.
  • You’ll feel included and connected to your new life at Charles Sturt University.
  • You might even develop real-world skills that can transfer to your career.

4.      Explore your new home

If you’ve relocated to one of our beautiful regional campuses, it’s time to get familiar with your new home.

In our regional cities, there’s so much to see and do on and off campus. Check out the vibrant foodie scene, see a play, attend an outdoor concert, visit the markets, or have a picnic with mates on the banks of the river. You’ll leave long commutes behind and spend more time doing the activities you enjoy most – so use your first week of university to get among it.

The best part about living regionally? You get the best of city life, without the metro price tag.

5.      Get involved in Orientation activities

Orientation is an incredible chance to get to know your new environment and get prepped for your course. Whether studying on campus or online – we help you find your feet when you’re starting uni. Orientation gives you the chance to settle into uni life, meet academics and support staff, attend academic preparation workshops and explore the learning resources. And of course, plenty of opportunities to hang out and make new friends.

So, are you ready to get started on your first week of uni?

Make your way through our top five tips to get around in your first week of university – and you’ll come out on top.

  1. Set yourself a budget – and stick to it.
  2. Explore uni support services.
  3. Get social and join a club.
  4. Discover the highlights of your new location.
  5. Make the most of orientation.

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And that – like your Charles Sturt adventure – is just the start.