6 reasons why Charles Sturt University is the best choice for your students

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You want what’s best for your students. You want them to be able to step into a career that excites them, that rewards them – in a holistic sense – and that offers them scope and security in employment opportunities now and in the future. We think Charles Sturt is the best choice to make that happen.

Getting a degree is a great way for your students to ensure career success. Graduates earn, on average, over a million dollars more throughout their working lifetime than non-graduates, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. And the skills and knowledge students gain at university make them more likely to advance in their chosen profession.

If deciding to get a tertiary qualification is right for students, then choosing the best university to study at is crucial.

We believe that Charles Sturt University should be at the top of the list. Let’s go a bit deeper and explain why we think Charles Sturt is the best choice for your students.

1. Students start their career from day one

We believe that one of the most important and valuable ways to learn is by doing. By getting hands-on and developing skills – putting learning into practice – students get a well-rounded learning experience, and are much better prepared for the actuality of the workplace.

For example, dental science students practise what they learn in simulation settings throughout their first year – yes, on big heads. Then, from the second year onwards they interact with real patients, working under professional supervision to administer anaesthesia, perform extractions, fill teeth – all the practical skills that form the basis of their profession.

2. We have world-class facilities

Hands-on learning means nothing unless it’s performed in modern, innovative settings, with the equipment that students will actually encounter in their working lives. Fortunately, we offer students some of the most extensive and innovative learning facilities in Australia.

Depending on the subjects they choose, students could learn in the following places.

And while students studying on campus are just a step away from these facilities, our online students often get the chance to experience them as well through residential schools, where they come on campus for a few days once or twice a year to get practical instruction and hone their abilities.

3. We futureproof careers

Embedded into all of the degree courses at Charles Sturt University is the development of skills that are valuable across the spectrum of the working world. The workplace of the future will be characterised by greater flexibility and more global opportunities. It’s likely your students will work for multiple companies over their working life, or manage several clients simultaneously as a freelancer or consultant. And they may well do so in different countries or working virtually across borders.

That’s why all our students gain transferable skills while studying their course. Skills like problem-solving, time management, verbal and written communication, entrepreneurship, collaboration and leadership will stand students in good stead when they step into the workforce – whatever career they choose to pursue.

4. We embrace the future

The future of work will be, to a very large degree, influenced by technology. The pace at which digital technologies and virtual communication are evolving continues to increase, and workers will need to be adept at both utilising these technologies and learning new ones as they are developed and adopted.

We make sure all our students develop skills with technology and become comfortable adapting to a shifting digital landscape. Whether studying on campus or online, students will use technology to access resources, manage assignments and communicate with peers and academics. But our students also learn about and practice the latest digital developments in their field. For example:

  • teaching students will discover how digital tools can enhance learning experiences and outcomes in the classroom and for online education
  • media students will learn how digital technologies can be harnessed to create more compelling content
  • medical students will see how digital technologies can be used to plan and deliver targeted treatment to patients.

5. We are a community

Our academics, our staff and our students all contribute to a vibrant university community. We welcome and embrace diversity, believing that the meeting of a wide range of different cultures, perspectives and experience is what creates an atmosphere for pushing knowledge forward. At the same time, we recognise that everyone’s journey at university is unique. That’s why we have a broad spectrum of support services. So everyone can get the most out of their time with us. Our support teams include:

It’s also why we have a wide range of scholarships available to help many different students invest in their future with a university degree.

6. Charles Sturt is the best choice for grads getting jobs

Studying for a degree is a brilliant experience in and of itself. Students get to investigate the subjects that really fire their imagination, meet people from all across Australia and around the world, and have a lot of fun along the way.

But a degree must also put the person who graduates from it in a better position to enjoy a rewarding career. By combining all of the factors listed above, along with the international expertise of our academics and our close links with industry partners and associated bodies, a degree from Charles Sturt prepares students to make their mark in their chosen profession.

That’s why we’re proud to have the highest graduate employment rate of all universities in Australia. It’s also why our graduates enjoy one of the highest average starting salaries.

The 2019 QILT Graduate Outcomes Survey shows that more than 86 per cent of our graduates find full-time employment within four months of graduation. And they get an average starting salary of $67,100.

You can’t argue with figures like that.

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