From gap year to uni: how to ease into study

Are you at the tail end of your gap year? Whether you’ve been travelling around the world, building your soft skills or working to save some money – it’s safe to say that study may not have been at the front of your mind.

The thought of hitting the books after 12 months off might be a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s all good, as Charles Sturt University can help you get prepped. Just follow these tips and you’ll be ready to jump head first into uni after your gap year.

Get a head start with Study Link

If you’ve had a bit of time off and feel like your study skills are a bit rusty, Study Link is perfect for you.

With Study Link, you can choose from 20 short subjects to get you up to speed with uni study. All subjects are short, self-paced and delivered online for maximum flexibility.

The aim of the Study Link game is to:

  • fill any knowledge gaps you might have with particular subjects before you start class (for example – statistics, maths or science)
  • enhance your skills (like essay writing or referencing)
  • build your confidence – so you can go on to achieve study success.

The best bit? Study Link is FREE for most residents of Australia.

Choose flexible study

After spending your gap year on your terms, full-time or face-to-face study might not be the right fit for you anymore. It might be an idea to look into our flexible study options.

Our courses are designed with flexibility in mind and we aim to accommodate everyone. Studying on your terms at your own pace puts you in control – and gives you the freedom to make study work for you.

You can chat about your post-gap year study plans with a friendly student adviser at any time – all you need to do is reach out.

Travel doesn’t have to end after a gap year

The best part about going back to uni after your gap year? The travel/learning combo doesn’t have to stop.

At Charles Sturt, we think that all every student should have the chance to experience what it’s like to study and live overseas. Enter CSU Global.

We have connections with 126 institutions in 39 countries. So you’re sure to find you’re the right international learning experience through CSU Global.

(P.S. There’s also plenty of financial assistance available for CSU Global students, so don’t let your budget prevent you from expanding your study horizons).

Don’t get overwhelmed – we’re here to support you!

It can be tough getting back into the swing of things – especially when you’ve had a long break.

Our advice is to keep your head clear and your mind strong. Remember your why. Why did you choose to study? What are you goals? How will your life and career improve by studying?

If you find yourself struggling to transition into uni life after your gap year, we have plenty of support services available to you.

Just remember: we’re always here and we’re always happy to help.

Top tips from a gap year returnee

Alexandra Chubb, a Charles Sturt graphic design graduate, sat down with us to run through her top tips for returning to study after a gap year.

  1. You’ll have real-world experience to draw from, so use it! When you take a gap year, you’re exposed to loads of new things – including work, travel and people from different backgrounds. You’re naturally learning new things that you may not have learned in high school. Your real-world experience will set you up as an informed, engaged student or a more rounded job candidate.
  2. Use the resources around you. Some people think that when you start uni, you’re on your own. This is 100 per cent not true! At Charles Sturt University, there’s plenty of support on offer to all students. I’d recommend exploring the services and support page to see if there’s anything that might be helpful to you.
  3. Just because you started later, doesn’t mean you’re behind. If some of your friends from high school started uni straight away, don’t feel like you’re behind. Keep in mind that everyone goes at their own pace when they’re studying at uni. You may race through your course in three years, but your bestie might end up switching to a five-year double degree. Don’t stress – everyone takes different paths.

Ready to jump back in after your gap year?

If you’re ready to take the next step and see how Charles Sturt University can help you reach your dream career, get in touch. We have staff on hand who are ready to connect with you in any way you choose. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and get set to explore your study options with us today.