Cecelia Steele

Who you gonna call?… Charles Sturt University Student Central!

So, you’ve started uni but you’re a bit confused about what some things mean. Census date! What? There might be times where you need a helping hand, and our team of experts at Charles Sturt University Student Central have the answer to anything from who’s who in the zoo to enrolling in the right subjects, finding your lecture room and navigating the library system.

It’s true, you’ve just entered a whole new world. But it’s all good because at Charles Sturt University we’ve got your back.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Albert Einstein

Introducing Cecelia Steele
Senior Service Officer, Student Central

Cecelia Steele

What is Student Central?

In a nutshell, Student Central is the first point of contact for students for non-academic questions. The team is like an data bank that holds information about university life and services that students (and sometimes staff) can tap into for assistance.

How does Student Central help students?

Our team assists and directs students to navigate the university, from the application process until graduation and sometimes beyond. If they need information about who to contact for assistance, or where to locate something on campus, we can show them and direct them where to find the information in the future.

What services does Student Central offer?

The main service we provide is information; whether students contact us via phone or online, we provide them with information and answers to their questions about university life.

Things we can help with include admissions applications, adding and deleting subjects to enrolment, IT assistance, accessing timetables, exam information, facilities and support services, fees and scholarships, and accommodation to name a few.

Which channels does Student Central operate across and how do students contact Student Central?

Students, staff and members of the public can contact us via phone, chat, email and face to face.

You can come into our offices on campus Monday to Thursday 9.00am–5.00pm and Friday 9.30am–5pm. You can also access phone and chat services during these times.

You can email us any time and get IT support after business hours through the week, and round the clock Saturday and Sunday.

Who responds to Student Central enquiries?

Our staff are from a range of backgrounds. Some are students, some have worked in other areas of the university and some have come from the wider communities. We have a mixture of permanent and casual staff members, with many of our casual staff members leading the double life of being students as well.

Having students in our team is a great asset as they bring their individual insights about student life, and our workplace is a richer place with them.

What is the best part of your job as a Student Central team member?
The simple answer – helping people.

Students can come to us, and being able to assist and direct them and giving them options to move forward is the most rewarding part of my job.

What is a typical day working at Student Central like?

There is no typical day at Student Central! Each day we can be on different services or tasks, start at different times, and every question is different. Questions may have a theme at different times of the year (for example, orientation and enrolment at the beginning of each session), but every person has different circumstances. There is never a dull moment!

What has been your most memorable experience at the uni?

After over 10 years at Charles Sturt as a student and staff member this is hard to pin down but the best experience has been when I was given the opportunity to go on Student Exchange and study in Rome, Italy. It was an amazing eight months of my life. I was able to experience many different cultures, languages and world views while studying and travelling around Europe.

What are the top five most commonly asked questions?

This is tough as it changes depending on the time of year! These are the top questions I’ve been asked recently.

  • How do I add/delete subjects to my enrolment?
  • How do I view my timetable?
  • Where can I find information about my textbooks?
  • How much does my subject cost (or why do I have a charge on my account)?
  • Where can I view my results and transcript?

What’s been the most rewarding experience at Student Central?

If I need to narrow it down to just one, my most rewarding experience has been when a student called uncertain if they could continue their studies as they were stressed about finances, how to tackle their assessment tasks and general apprehension about starting out at university.

After directing them to information about scholarships and equity grants, the Study Success support services who can help with planning your studies, and the Student Mentoring program that helps students settle into university life, the student felt more confident and supported to continue with their studies.

It’s rewarding to see someone come for assistance and feel apprehensive about what options and support are available, and then feel confident and empowered knowing that there are people at the university who are there to help them throughout their journey.

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Get in touch

If you’re thinking about university study you can get in touch with our Prospective Student Team by making an online enquiry, arranging a one-on-one meeting or booking a campus tour.

Current students can get in touch with Charles Sturt University Student Central by:

  • emailing via ask@csu.edu.au
  • phoning Student Central on 1800 275 278
  • visiting us at one of our Learning Commons on campus.