Upstairs startup hub

How to start a small business in NSW: join a startup hub

Do you dream of launching your own business? But how to start a small business in NSW? If you want to begin your journey as the newest regional entrepreneur in the biz, a new startup hub working space based in country New South Wales could be just what you need to make your mark.

A year from now, you’ll wish you’d learned how to start a small business in NSW today

If you’re ready to see your ideas come to fruition there’s a new working space for you. Whether your passion is agritech, manufacturing, software development, engineering or any other area, Upstairs has a place for you. As the first regional startup hub in the NSW Central West, they’ll help you on your way to achieving your career goals. Plus, connect with customers and network with like-minded people.

Upstairs offers a space to step up your startup, connecting you with a community of entrepreneurs working across a huge variety of innovative and forward-thinking startups. The hub extends the opportunities for research and knowledge partnerships between Charles Sturt University, regional businesses and innovative individuals.

The community-founded startup hub aims to create new and innovative businesses in the Bathurst region. Upstairs hosts 32 dedicated workstations for entrepreneurs. Moreover, there are hot desks, breakout spaces, meeting rooms, conference facilities and a ping-pong table. The space offers 24/7 access, internet, a kitchen and everything else one might need as a startup.

More than just a co-working hub

While the facilities at Upstairs are great for co-working, its greatest strength lies in its connection to the knowledge, experience and opportunities. So you can learn how to start a small business in NSW. Upstairs offers access to:

  • 24/7 access
  • internet
  • 32 workstations
  • meeting conference spaces
  • mentors
  • professional development programs
  • training
  • investors.
Upstairs launch
Upstairs launch

The startup hub was launched by Charles Sturt University with its co-founders – the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, Bathurst Regional Council and Reliance Bank – and attended by Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW, Small Business and Skills, Mr John Barilaro, MP.

Professor Mary Kelly is a former Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Development and Industry). She said support of the Upstairs incubator hub in Bathurst is a natural fit for Charles Sturt.

“Charles Sturt University is very proud to be a part of a program that will have a real impact on further developing knowledge in our regional communities. Moreover, the shared commitment of the co-founders to bring this capability to the Central West is inspired by the talent and energy for innovation in our region.”

“We are excited by the pathways to further innovation this program will open up in the NSW Central West. Upstairs will also provide an opportunity for our students and staff to participate and contribute as a key part of this new innovation ecosystem.”

Professor Kelly said value also comes from access to expert-in-residence James Triggs and the mentor program. The program partners startups with mentors who have relevant backgrounds to help them move their idea and business forward.

“Along with the university’s CenWest InnovateAgriTech Incubator and Walan Mayinygu, Upstairs is another branch of entrepreneurial opportunities for the wider community and Charles Sturt University students, alumni and academics,” Professor Kelly said.

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