Earn as your learn participant serving in a cafe, demonstrating ways to make money as a student

Ways to make money as a student: Earn as you Learn

Starting uni this year? You’re probably already thinking about ways to make money as a student with Charles Sturt University. Some people will have saved up during their gap year, and others may have help from their ‘rents (lucky ducks) – but the majority of you will need to sort out a job to get by. You’ll need to earn as you learn.

Whether you’re paying your own way during uni or you just need a bit of extra dosh for nights out with your mates, holding down a job while you’re studying isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually a chance to build your skill set and prepare for life after uni – something future employers are looking for.

So, what are some of the best jobs that tick boxes for students – and what’s the best way to get yourself one?

Ways to make money as a student #1

Traditional jobs while studying

If you ask uni grads about the ways to make money as a student, the most common answer will most likely be one of two responses:

  • Hospo (aka hospitality)
  • Retail

Hospitality has always been a popular job for uni students. There’s usually casual hours available, often outside uni hours and on the weekend – which means it’s super flexible and easy for you to fit around your uni commitments. Working in hospo means you’ll most likely land a job in a café, bar, restaurant, nightclub or even event work.

Retail is another big one for jobs while studying. Much the same as hospitality, you can often nab weekend work, as well as late night shopping on Thursdays. There can be some pretty sweet discounts for staff members too – so you could be saving money and making money at the same time.

Working in either industry will build your soft skills – something that’s becoming more and more important to employers. Soft skills are personal attributes that allow you to interact well with other people. Working in hospo or retail, you’ll learn things like customer service, conflict resolution, time management and problem-solving – all sought-after soft skills.

Ways to make money as a student #2

Explore the gig economy

Moving away from the ‘traditional’ jobs while studying – we’ve seen a huge rise in ways to make money as a student through the sharing or gig economy.

The sharing economy, also known as collaborative consumption or peer-to-peer-based sharing, is all about individuals renting or borrowing goods rather than buying and owning them. Think Airbnb, Uber, crowdfunding and renting clothes.

Possible gig economy ideas so you can earn as you learn:

  • Search around on Airtasker
  • Become an Uber driver
  • Manage an Airbnb for someone (or rent out a spare room at your place!)
  • Rent out pieces of your wardrobe for special occasions

The best bit? You can set your hours and your wage – so it’s SUPER flexible.

Downside? It’s not really a form of stable employment, so you may not have money coming in each week. It’s up to you to be proactive. You’ll only get out what you put in!

Ways to make money as a student #3

Earn As You Learn

At Charles Sturt, we want to set you up with opportunities to be self-sufficient while you’re studying – that’s why we developed Earn As You Learn (EAYL).

EAYL helps students gain practical skills while earning an income – so you can get ready to apply for casual or part-time work that fits around your studies. It’s a win-win. You’ll make bank AND add sought-after skills to your kitty.

EAYL is available on our Bathurst, Port Macquarie and Wagga Wagga campuses, running in February, March and July this year. The best bit? It’s 100 per cent free.

During the two-day program, you’ll gain the skills and confidence you need to become job-ready. You’ll learn how to write your CV and prepare for interviews. Get familiar with customised online job-searching tools. And go to exclusive networking events with local employers. You’ll also have the chance to undertake free accredited training, like the first aid certificate and responsible service of alcohol.

Bachelor of Business1 student Saskia-Jayne Handley signed up for the EAYL pilot last year and hasn’t looked back.

“The EAYL team helped me to identify job opportunities that really suited my capabilities and personality that I wouldn’t have recognised on my own.”

“They helped me rework my résumé so it looked the part and reads much better than my original document. After the initial EAYL catch-up, I had a job in a matter of days!”

Ready to start earning good moolah while you’re studying?

Start to put feelers out to local employers. It will make a real difference, not only to your Charles Sturt experience, but to your options post-uni.

Even better, sign up for Earn As You Learn – and get yourself prepped to land the right job for you while you’re studying.

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