Why it’s okay to change your course

You’ve studied hard, made it to uni (go you!) and everything is going as planned. Until it’s not. What if that dream job you’ve been prepping for isn’t ‘the one’ anymore? Can, and should, you change your course?

If you’re having second thoughts and want to change your course, you can! Here’s why changing your uni degree isn’t the end of the world – and could be your best move yet.

Go on, change your course!

Students chatting about their uni course options.

Whether you’ve been in your course for a few weeks, months or years, it’s common to have a change of heart or decide to head in a different direction.

If you’ve worked towards one goal for as long as you can remember and that goal no longer matches where you see yourself going, that’s okay! Life happens, people grow and priorities shift. Repeat after us: I am not stuck on my current path – I have options!

So, you may consider changing course if you’ve started your uni degree and you’re:

a) not enjoying your subjects or course

b) can no longer see yourself in the career you thought you wanted

c) you’ve had a complete change of mind.

After all, studying at uni should be enjoyable and help you get where you want to go.

Things to consider before you change your course

Young student exploring his study options.
Help is available

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your new life as a uni student, you’re not alone! And there’s help available. All you need to do is access the amazing support services we offer our students. So, if you’re considering changing your course because your subjects feel challenging, it’s important to chat with your lecturers and student support team. They’ll go above and beyond to help you succeed. And if you decide your current course isn’t for you, they can help you explore your options and find a path that aligns with your current career goals.

Transferring your course doesn’t always mean starting from scratch

Does changing courses mean all your hard work and dedication will be wasted? No way! For instance, if you transfer to another course in a similar area, let’s say health, you could be eligible for credit to help you get into a related degree. Check out how our recognition of prior learning works and connect with the Student Central team to find out more.

You can pick up where you left off

Even if your previous course doesn’t relate to the course you want to study now, you’ll bring your valuable skills, knowledge and study habits with you. And as a seasoned Charles Sturt student, you’ll also know how to navigate your student portal, facilities, resources and support services, so getting into your study rhythm will be a breeze!

How to change your course

A student engaging with a university staff member to explore their study options.

First, chat with your Course Coordinator or Course Director, who will provide personalised advice about changing your course. Then, it can be as simple as checking your eligibility to change to a different course before you complete an online request form. While it’s possible to transfer to many of our courses, there are some with special admission criteria tat will require you to start a new application. Find out everything you need to know to change your course.

Find your perfect course

Discover the right Charles Sturt course that will help you achieve the career you really want. From agriculture to business, teaching to health, and policing to science, there really is something for everyone.

Need some help deciding your new direction? Chat with our friendly team or take our quiz to discover your dream job.