Study with CSU in November

3 reasons to start uni in the November intake

When we think about starting study, it’s natural to think of the beginning of the school year. But did you know that when it comes to university study, you can start at different times throughout the year? And right now, you can apply to Charles Sturt University to start uni in the November intake!

Here’s why it makes perfect sense to get ahead of the game.

You know what you want to do – and you can’t wait to get going

When you’ve got a plan, there’s no need to wait for a new calendar year to roll around. Whether you’re just starting out on your professional path, looking to upskill in order to advance in your current role or seeking a career change, you can get started in just a few months. You’ve done your tax, the refund has hit your bank, all that’s left is for you to apply to uni…

Lots of industries get – a bit – less hectic towards the end of the calendar year. Think education, trade, factories, taxation firms, childcare, preschools. If these areas do have a slower time, it tends to be between November and February. If you work in one of them, starting in November may mean you have more time and mental space to focus on your studies.

You can get a head start

You not only get a head start on your goals, you obviously get a jump on your degree. Beginning in the summer gives you the opportunity to ease into your university studies and get a couple of subjects under your belt before most people start.

Kicking off your study journey in November also gives you a chance to tap into the support services we offer to help you through your studies – particularly if you’re a little nervous about starting at uni. Whether taking your first step into tertiary education or coming back to it after being in the workforce, it’s perfectly understandable to feel you need time to adjust. Starting in November lets you find your feet.

You can secure your pathway

Sometimes you want to study a course that has certain prerequisites, such as expected knowledge. If that course starts in autumn, you can brush up on your skills over the summer so you’re ready to start your dream course.

For instance, you might have a place in the Bachelor of Nursing to start in 2019, but you want to build your confidence in bioscience. Not a problem. You can take a Study Link subject – we even have a bioscience intro subject – in November to get you ready to start your degree on the front foot and full of confidence.

Ready to start?

The first step: find your perfect course. If you want to discuss your options and get ready to start uni in the November intake, get in touch.